New Bone Plate

Hi Everyone,

I hope that someone can help me? I had surgery (my fourth) 4 weeks ago. It was to have a new bone plate put in. Last March I got an infection after clipping and the bone was so badly infected that it could not be used. I am wondering if anyone has had this surgery done and how it went. Out of all the surgeries that I have had in the past year, this one seems the worse. I still have some pain and a bit of swelling, as well as my thinking skills are taking longer to come back this time. I have a ct scan tomorrow and I see the doctor, but it would be nice to talk to someone who has gone through this surgery. Also, I am so worried as I know that I am probably expected to be back to work in a few weeks and I feel not even close to going back. I work in a library, which I am sure a lot of you think it is a easy job, but in my dept which I work in which is circulation, there is a lot of physical work - bending and lifting books out of the drop bins, pushing trolleys full of books, which could weigh anywhere from 100-200lbs, to the different depts and as well the front desk work which entails checking peoples books out for them as well as solving customer complaints. We are a very busy library and can check in and out as many as 2000-5000 items daily, depending on the day. There are some quiet times at work but most of the time we are kept very busy. I have already taken so much time off work this year. I was only back to work from the end of April until October and that was only working short shifts. When I tried to work a full shift I would become very tired and then I would start to trip over my own feet and sometimes not be able to handle customer complaints. So, please anyone that has had this surgery, I would so appreciate hearing from you. Judy

Hi Judy,

Sorry not had this procedure my annie was coiled but just wanted to wish you well and send thoughts and prayers for your recovery.

Best Wshes


Judy, I was clipped on June 7th, 2011. I was in ICU for 3 weeks and then transfered to a rehab hospital for physical, occuptional, and I am still getting speech therapy. I have short term memory loss and will not be able to remember a word. Like its on the tip of my tongue. It is extremly frustrating, angry and sad, but I am alive and thankful for it. I have a wonderful neuro surgeron, Dr Aziz from AGH in Pittsburgh PA. I am doing well, even though its been 5 months and I still get very tired. I will be praying for you and wish you well. I am starting vocational rehab soon, and I will be going for a cat scan on Thursday. Doctor is out of town and will call me with the results. Let you know when I know. Have alot of faith, because that is what got me through everything. I am not aloud to work or drive. I beleive that I was given a second chance (critical) and I try to live my life that way. May God watch over you.

Thanks, Amy


I know BAF reaches different countries but if you are a US citizen, there are some job protection laws. The physical demands for your job appear to be something you should discuss with your doctor. He or she will be able to assist you with work load restrictions. Some states like Pennsylvania have a Vocational Rehabilitation program associated with a Department of Labor. They were helpful for my wife.

Hi Judy: My you've been through so much. I haven't had treatment for my 3 annies so cannot imagine what you're dealing with but want to wish you well and say we're all here for you. I hope you get some answers from others who are going or have gone though what you are. Take care of you, Mitch.