New aneurysm found

I had a ruptured aneurysm in 2007 and with my recent annual MRA was told I had another one. It is in the same area near the rupture, but very small 1.5mm. My Neurosurgeon says that I may have a 1% chance or it rupturing in 20 years. So, I probably shouldn’t worry and they will check my brain with annual scans. However, I can’t help but worry, especially since I already had a rupture. How can the Neurosurgeon know for sure that it won’t grow or rupture and lets face it, most aneurysms rupture with no warning signs or signals…so basically, I won’t know till it is too late. I have already had my second chance, not thinking I will get a third.

Hi Suzie -

I know how you're feeling. I have had one unrupured aneurysm coiled w/ stent, but have 2 small ones that are just being watched - one is the size of yours, 1.5mm,and the other is 2-3mm (they tried to coil that one but couldn't). I've been told that as long as they are small and stable, risk is low - but that the minute they see that they're changing, that's when they'll coil - so as long as they're watching things should be okay. SO - that's what my doctors say ---- and of course it's hard to be entirely reassured when it's in your own head! It feels impossible not to be anxious, knowing they are there, yet I don't want anxiety to run my life. I'm trying to believe that I can end up in a place of trust, but it's hard when the news is new.


Hi Suzie & Jennifer~

I had a rupture (slow painful leak for a week) almost a year ago and was coiled with a second coiling done a month later. I still have a 2mm wide neck on it that could be watched, stented, or clipped I suppose. I have opted to keep it on a watch only status.

I have had a follow up MRI/MRA after the second coiling a month after release and then a six month follow up again. There was no change between the MRI/MRA's and so my docs were comfortable with my choice to wait and watch. I go back in a few more months (every six) to see if there are any changes. I think that if there are no changes this next go round I move out to either a one year or two year follow up cycle.

Now that I know I have this, I won't power through that nagging headache and I don't do anything that I am not allowed to do - heavy lifting, stress, etc. I had all the classic symptoms of a BA but since I didn't know what they were I could not predict the leak/rupture that occurred. I am comfortable with this because I don't want to go under again and think that it may not grow. I have no family/genetic history so in my case it really was attributed to excessive stress, high blood pressure and I have rid my life of those so that I can live in peace and enjoy life.

I don't worry about the 2mm opening that is still there, and if I have any others pop up I would consider the growth factor before I decided to do another surgery. I do follow all doctors orders. I do know every possible symptom, the way to get to any ER should I ever need to, and more importantly how to dial 911 and know that it's OK if I need an ambulance to take me. I also wear a med alert bracelet that never comes off.

I hope this may bring a little comfort since I am only a few months more along in this journey than you and even thought my situation is a little different than yours, I have found there is ways to make it work for me. I hope you find what is right for you as well.