Neuro service dogs

I have been trying to do research on dogs for a vet friend. I came across a facility or agency in Tennessee that trains dogs to help autistic kids as well as other Neuro issues. The director is a Neuropsych RN and dog trainer. Apparently, there are many agencies not just in the States but all around.

I was wondering how many members have actively sought out a service dog and had their doctor provide the prescription or letter.

They aren’t companion dogs, but service dogs that can be registered and go everywhere any other service dog can go. I was thinking if it helps with autism, it could help with our “flooding” issues or sensory overload. The dog is trained to lean in, distract, comfort, get help, or whatever specific issues the person may have. The TN facility actually had a dog paid for by Medicaid! They also train dogs for TBI issues.

So has anyone looked into this or was able to get a service dog? How does it help in functioning?

Moltroub...mazing...several days back (? the #)...some program covered service dogs...and, I was so impressed...and, my memory has completely failed on the state or names... beyond 'servie dog'...

if any remember lane is open...I vaguely remember one shown was a gentleman in a wheelchair... (and, it s things like this...that add to my crazyism feeings...)

Have you searched online?

I had looked into getting my dog certified as an emotional therapy dog, for me, but cant find a legally reliable foundation

Yes Ms Pat, just a little, as I am busy trying to help vet problem solve an issue with a dog she determined to keep instead of putting down. But I inadvertently hit the site of Neuro Service dogs and found it dang interesting.

Ellie, not all states require a dog to be certified. However, that being said, not all dogs are good candidates. One of the things I did see was they must all have obedience training on and off leash. They must all be house trained. We had a friend from South Carolina who had a “certified” companion dog. When she was hospitalized, she wanted to have her dog with her. However, the hospital could not allow the dog to come into the ICU because the little dog had not been house trained. Though the doctor was willing to have the family sneak her in…

You also bring up a good point, finding a place that is reliable, respected and honest. Oh my…We do have a Canine Obedience Club that will also help you train a dog for therapy, just for going into hospitals and such. The dog must pass all the AKC classes prior to going into the classes for therapy. I know this isn’t the same, but perhaps you have a similar organization in your area. Our club is not terribly expensive and some costs can be offset by volunteering. However, the park where they hold classes is beyond my ability to drive and the hours are not conducive to my partner taking me. Someone has to work to pay the bills lol.

On a personal note, if I had not gotten Ohana, I would definitely pursue a service dog.

Thanks for the info my rescue dog Maizy isn’t personal companion! And therapy dog to my clients, just no license/certification. She’s very intuitive and good with all ages,but bad with otheroffleashdogs

So I did send out emails to various places about service dogs for issues such as flooding, sensory overload, headaches, etc. from SAH and aneurysms. There was only one who came back. Email says they absolutely deal with these issues and added that they are the only facility in the USA that deal with Neuro diagnosis. The facility is Wilderwood. Maybe that’s why there was only one response. Tiffany D from that facility says anyone here is welcome to visit their site and if it sounds like something which you may be interested in they have a short form for contact purposes.

If anyone else knows of a facility in their state or country, post it here please.

Moltroub...I have a peer friend here who is involved w/dog training..(a side line of hers w/a friend)...I left her VM if interested... we are no longer in a support group here...and, live in diff cities...w/diff interests/activities...thank you for providing this...patioplans...


Glad I can be of service Ms Pat!

I tried in Las Vegas to get service dog because my sweet Mr.Weasly was my service dog.He had to be put down with enlarged heart.I so wanted to get a new service dog for when have next surgery.I looked up every Non-profit in Las Vegas.They will give you one but cost $2,500 to $5,000.I just wanted a dog to lay next to me.And help with all the things that affect everyday life.I have a form of schizophrenia and since my cardiac arrest I cannot take any medication to help me. So my little sweet Chihuahua was such a comfort. And of course my husband always being right by my side. But I do have hallucinations and have other problems with lights because I have seizures. And have background PTSD,and Trauma.If you know of away to get dog.Not today I just realized 4th July.Sorry answer another day.:grimacing::us::fireworks:

Thank you! so nice to research.That is one thing can’t do well.

Hey Teresa,
Here’s a link which may help.
Within the green bar are some drop down menus which should be able to answer many of your questions. There is also a Toll Free number at the top of the title bar on the right to be able to contact if you have more complex questions you may require answers too.

Hope it helps
Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Really so nice of you to go research that for me.Iam having problems getting words out of my brain.But going to try if they can help me get another dog.So many things to do before next surgery.Thank you so much.

I fully and complete understand. I found it easier to make a list and then prioritize as it truly can be SO overwhelming trying to get everything set. To be honest some things just had to wait. Stressing myself out trying to get it all done when my thoughts were elsewhere didn’t help, some tasks were only getting 1/2 done. I was told ‘It can all wait, you have to look after you first…’ and it was true. Post surgery my priorities had all changed anyway.
Best of luck with it all

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Teresa, TN, where Wilderwood is located,is a fair bit from NV. They may be able to recommend someplace closer. Also look for grants or some kind soul who has set up trusts for service dogs. Maybe with the proper letters, Medicare will pay for it. Never hurts to ask, worse thing they can say is no.

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My Shiba has been constant companion post surgery. She is not registered as a service nor comfort dog. But the benefits are huge as she always make me think and she is very gentle. I would consider just getting a dog as your companion. Select a breed that works for you. It is true that service dogs can help u in places like supermarkets or stores where dogs are not allowed. But dogs are allowed in most places and the benefits are huge

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What a beautiful dog looks so sweet.I tried here in Las Vegas but cost to much.My husbands dog has become so close to me.He is deaf so follows me everywhere.So like you think they are so helpful by laying in bed.I have problem with my speech so I can’t call to find places to help.So for now grateful for husband dog.:dog::grinning:

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