My friend , Vee

April 2015 was when my dear friend was struck down with a headache like no other , and after the paramedics were called , she was taken to hospital where the diagnosis was made and she was prepared for surgery to releave the pressure inside her skull from the fluid buildup caused by the burst aneurysm . An attemp was made to coil the offending blood vessel , but the decision was made to do a craniotomy to clip the same , as this would be a safer option.
Days and weeks went by and still ," Vee " was not communicating coherently , nor did she recognize anyone , even her devoted husband. It was thought that she may recognize her beloved Great Dane who were brought to the hospital , only to the foyer area and Vee was brought to to a vantage point where she could see these gorgeous creatures clearly , as if one could miss three huge lumps of love , each weighing approx. 80kgs , in the hospital hallway. Lol
It worked ! Vee instantly wanted to hug her " furkids " , and of course now wanted to go home , but that would not be for some time yet. Meningitis was the next thing she had to face. Then eventually after five weeks in hospital , Vee was allowed to go home. Loaded down with all manner of medications , from anti epilepsy meds , pain meds , to sustagen as she weighed only 43kgs . Time passed and we noticed that her short term memory was very poor , she had no energy , her concentration was almost nonexistent, and she had so much anger that we felt like we needed to watch every word we said.
Now it is 10 months since that horrendous , life changing day in April , and not much has changed except her anger and frustration at not being able to do all the things she used to do , have increased to fever pitch. Hubby is trying so hard to be there for her , but she is very critical and has become obsessed over past grievances , to the point where no one can speak of anything that may help without being talked down. Can anyone relate to this ? Has anyone been left with this type of aftermath ? Are we dealing with issues that were always there , but have been triggered and exacerbated by her experience ? The doctors are at their wits end , and can offer no explanations . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is such a long post , but I care so much for my dear friend , in fact she is like a daughter to me and I don't know what to do to help her