Need to have an angioplasty for blocked artery after flow diversion stent procedure

Hi everyone,

I had my flow diversion stent procedure done on June 2 2021. I had my follow-up MRI 2 weeks ago which showed some issues so I had an angiogram completed this week and I’ve just heard from the doctors that my artery (right carotid) is nearly blocked at the stent site so I’m scheduled to have an angioplasty balloon procedure dec 3 2021. My doctor said it’s only about 50% successful and if it doesn’t work I might need a bypass or something else. I’m wondering what others experiences have been. Has anyone else had the flow diversion stent procedure result in needing an angioplasty? What was your experience with it? Any information would be helpful to ease my anxiety.


I hope our members who’ve had this reply. I believe an issue with stents can be blocked arteries, but don’t quote me on that as I cannot remember where I read it. I have had a balloon used to block off my aneurysm, I think it was the third attempt to control the little bugger. The last attempt was a NeuroForm Atlas stent and even more coils. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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@Moltroub thank you for the reply!

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