Need angiogram and scared

I had a ruptured aneurysm (SAH) coiled in Feb 2014 and have been recovering pretty well. So well the neurosurgeon is writing a paper about it. I just had an MRA in preparation for my 6 month check with the neurosurgeon. He said the coils have compacted somewhat. So he wants me to have an angiogram and I am scared about it. Especially since although I will be given a sedative I will not knocked out like I would prefer and the procedure is pretty much identical to the coiling except they inject the contrast instead of snaking the coils up through my artery. I love this site but sometimes too much reading can spook you a little as many folks have not had a good experience with the angiogram. Funny I was just thinking I was glad I didn't have to have an angiogram and happy the MRA was going to suffice. Well I guess that was a dream. I wasn't expecting the news about the coils compacting but what choice do I have but to deal with it? Disappointing to say the least. I also do not have a neurologist but the neurosurgeon basically said unless I was having ongoing issues I didn't necessarily need to have one. I may go see one anyway after this but don't want to waste my time since I don't have ongoing issues per se so I'm lucky in that. So, the neurosurgeon said I might need nothing done, more coils, a stent or clipping. Not feeling good about this. I'm pretty sure I'll need something as I think it's only been 6 months and the coils compacted enough for the doctor to be concerned. Anyway, I'm not allergic to any dyes I've had for other tests for contrast so that shouldn't be an issue but honestly, reading all the horror stories about reactions and passing out and whatnot I'm flat out scared about this. I know all of us are scared about our situations in general and it is cathartic to release that fear by knowing others are experiencing the same as you are but right now it's making me scared where I wasn't. Just as I thought I was making some headway and starting to see the light at the end or at least heading toward it, its possible I could be back at the beginning depending on what they find. As I said we really don't have a choice but to deal with it so I will do what I have to but anyone have a good story to tell? Sorry if I'm being a big baby about a test. I've got a case of "what if this happens" tonight. Thanks!

Thanks Sue. You know I must have had an angio before the coiling along with a ton of other tests but I don't remember any of it. Had the SAH and emergency surgery and that was that. The doctor said I would be medicated for it but I really wanted to be out completely and he said no. Again I'm probably being a baby but I guess I don't understand if they put me out for the coiling why not this? They are doing almost the same thing or at least the same way. The doctor also said it would take about 20 minutes but I read it can be anywhere from 1-3 hours. Didn't know I would have to lay flat for 6 hours afterwards. Yikes, that might be an issue for me too. Thanks again. I feel better now. I'm just letting my fear get to me.

Hi Wendy,

It would be a good idea to be followed by a Neurologist as well simply because there will come a point when the Neurosurgeon will suggest handing you off to someone else especially if any other issues arise. I hope you won't need any more treatment and that would be great.

God Bless


Oh this is so understandable...unfortunately, the anticipation and the wait is worse then the actual procedure...I find when I get in for the procedure telling them of my fear they take extra care...I have already had 5 angio's...and I still get so overwhelmed...will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...~ Colleen

Thanks Ed. I think I will follow up with a neurologist. So far I’ve had my questions handled by the neurosurgeon but Ive thought it a little odd that they didn’t refer me to a neurologist for the after care. The surgeon is very knowledgeable and I trust him but he is not a neurologist who performs surgery. Anyway thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks Colleen. I’ve read about the procedure and the neurosurgeon explained it but I wish they could put me out completely. Especially since it’s just like the coiling and when I had that, what was supposed to be 1-4 hours ended up being 8 hours. I was told this would take around 20 minutes and I think that is not possible given what happened previously even though it’s not quite the same procedure So much radiation too that I lost my hair along the left side of my head. That isn’t a concern as much as the cumulative radiation at this point. I had tons of CT Scans too so who knows if that will have some effect in the future. Ok now I’m rambling and lumping everything into this fear. Ugh! Shut up voices in my head! I will deal with it I suppose and whatever they find out. Thanks for responding! Appreciate everyone’s thoughts!