Need advice about spasticity and pain meds

Ok so my mom starting crying out in pain recently, and it is always when she tries to move. I see her whole body tense up, she moves a little and then cries out, and I am totally helpless to do anything. She has severe upper spasticity (I’m probably saying that wrong) and she is on 45 mil of baclofen but it doesn’t seem to be working. I think it is causing her to be more confused, because now she won’t nod or answer us. She is trying hard to move… Maybe she just needs pain meds? I don’t know how to help her and I’ve called her doc twice, waiting for callback. My gut feeling is that it’s that baclofen drug but i don’t know of any other drug that can help her! She is so contracted…

Forgot to mention she got a staph infection at the hospital, the worst kind, the CRE which is most resistant to antibiotics. Ugh what a nightmare! Thanks in advance for all your help.

We have found that neurontin works best for my mom who is also contracted in her left leg. We tried lyrica but she got confused on. She is currently on 300mg along with two aleves on the days her pain is not under control. Worth a try and I wish you luck!

Hi Chris,

I'm so sorry to hear your mom is going thru these extra added issues...Neurontin is a drug that is similar to Baclefen, but from what i'm told people develop a tolerance to it quickly, whereas not so much with Bacolfen...I hope you're able to have a conference with the doctors soon to rule out possible drug interactions in any of the other drugs they're giving her (this has got to be so stressful for you and your family, and now CRE to deal with too ? Yikes !) --Peace and healing thoughts your way, Janet

Oh Gosh I am so sorry...what a nightmare ... all I can offer at this to send a prayer out to you and mom right this minute...~

Thanks guys. I am so upset i see her regressing and I don’t know what to do! That vp shunt was supposed to help her, and ever since she got it I feel she has worsened. Mentally anyways. The more research I do the crazier I get…

Hi Chris,

Hang in there. Sounds like your mom is doing well since she is trying to move. The infection might set things a little off. My mom can move her hands a little, so we help her to move her arms/ legs, to prevent joint contractures.

I try to remind myself not to worry things that I cannot control and be glad that my mom is still with us. We also need to take care our children as they need us. Big hugs.