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National Caregivers Month

I didn't realize that November is National Caregivers Month. You have to give it to Hallmark to think of everything :) Well to all of you out there who have taken care of us along our journey, THANK YOU! Your job has not been an easy one and for that I thank you, especially my husband who still reaches out to take my elbow when I am walking down the stairs. (He thinks I don't notice). Whether you are a family member, a friend, a nurse, a doctor or a total stranger, thank you all.

thank you carol for the heads up!! thank you to my sister geri- rip and thank you currently to Jay her husband who resumed her role. Geri was there from day one driving 45 min each way to do my laundry and visit. And come to think of it there was many caregivers like the kids, mom, niece and coworkers after all just visiting is showing they care! oh and all the get well card senders too! God Bless them all for their awesome display of Gods love, oh and guess what? I was a caregiver too! in the hospital the nurses were astonished I rang the nurse call system as my roomie needed help!! xoxo ps also neighbors cut the grass all summer and shoveled snow!!

I don't even know where to begin.

The EMT's that informed me that "I WAS going to the hospital". The Emergency room doctors and nurses that I never met (I was out), but diagnosed me and loaded me on a flight for life to Swedish medical center. The surgeons, doctors and nurses that fixed me and nursed me back to life. My many family members and friends that were there for me even if I didn't know they were there. My incredible therapists that worked with me for months.

But most of all, my wife and children that never wavered in their support and care.


Great book-MY Stroke of Insight by Jill Taylor-a neurologist; Addendum B is a GREAT page for caretakers.