A lot to be thankful for!

my mother has been home 3 weeks today, 75yrs young, after a 13.7 cm annie on 9-24-11.

she is having short term memory loss, ie. thinks her Mom and Dad is still alive, ie, been passed away many years ago, and keeps asking for little Cindy, approx. age 9, which is a ref. of myself Cindy, age 53. We have been handling these situations w/kid glove's not too sure how to continue with this isssue.Being advised by Psychologist at rehab. ctr. to go along with it, and it is a fifty/fifty call they say, but we're still looking for advise from anyone who may have or are having the same type of issues.


Wow, that's incredible story. It does take time for the brain to heal, some heal faster than others, some not so fast.

Somewhere in the forum, you will find posted a few times, A Letter From your Brain. Please read that, print it out, keep it close, share it with family members and remember that your mom had brain surgery. Sometimes we tend to forget that the brain controls the entire body and we really do need to handle it and therefore everything, with kid gloves after brain surgery.

To even have surgery at 75 years young is amazing!!!!

I will keep your mother in my thoughts and prayers and please keep us posted on her journey.

Happy Thanksgiving!


thank-you, she is a very strong, independent,loving,individual. the day before the ( splitting headach), we were grathering fresh veg.s out of the garden, and planting the fall crops. i do worship the ground she walks on, i can only wish and pray that some day, i (may) be only half the LADY, that she is. i am so happy to have people like yourself to help me thur this. she still has work to do, on earth, cause GOD, HAS BLESSED ME !!

happy thanksgiving,

ps she is cooking, i love my mom with all my HEART:)