My "unremarkable" pregnancy

The word "unremarkable" has had a significant impact on my life. I used to think it was a negative word, meaning that something was dull, boring, or average. That was before I started to see the word on my CT scans. My entire brain was "unremarkable", except for that terrifying aneurysm that was discovered when I was 34 years old.

I had never thought about dying much before that. I didn't think something like this would happen to me. In fact, I didn't really know that I was at risk due to family history until I went to get screened. I had my clipping surgery in October 2014.

I chose to do the surgery instead of watching and waiting. My neurosurgeon gave me the choice. The primary reason I did the surgery was because I really wanted to have a baby. And I knew that I would be too afraid with an untreated aneurysm.

I got pregnant in April 2015, 6 months after surgery. I took the test on our 15 year anniversary and it was positive. We were excited- but secretly, I was terrified. I became obsessed with my blood pressure readings, my nutrition, trying to control everything possible to ensure a healthy pregnancy. I started to relax somewhere around my second trimester.

I was enrolled in a high risk program and was monitored carefully during my pregnancy. Week after week, my amazing OB/GYN reminded me "you don't have an aneurysm anymore, you will be FINE".

And I was fine! Baby was great, my pregnancy was....well, "unremarkable" in every way. My blood pressure was 100/60 the entire time. I felt great. And I let myself do something I haven't done in years- I let myself get excited about the future. And to anticipate the arrival of our daughter.

Norah was born on January 19th via cesarean section. Again- my choice. I was offered a forceps delivery to avoid pushing, but I didn't like the possible risks for the baby. As I approached my due date, a bit of anxiety snuck up on me. Going into an OR- awake this time- terrified me. Hospitals terrified me! The day approached and we were excited but with a dark cloud of anxiety for me.

My OR team was amazing. I told them about my struggles and they distracted me with chatter and questions. When Norah was born, they pulled the curtain down so we could see her (and we got an awesome picture that I will attach). She was perfectly unremarkable in every way. 9lbs 2oz- we make big babies!

This has been such an important new chapter in my life, that I wanted to share this experience with you, especially for those younger aneurysm patients that are too afraid to hope- and dream- for the future. Don't sell yourself short because something bad happened to you. Happy endings are possible.

Send me an IM if you have any questions! I'm up most hours these days :)

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Pictures attached.

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Hi Kit34,

Thanks for sharing your story. I am aged 38, live in Australia, and I am currently 5 months pregnant. I had a burst aneurysm on my brain just under 3 weeks ago on the 8th of January. I had no idea I had an aneurysm until that moment. As a result, I had a brain hemorrhage and spent 11 days in hospital, and still recovering. I had the titanium coiling procedure.

Thank God, our baby girl is still kicking away in my belly. I claimed ownership of the hospital ward's doppler while in hospital so I could listen to her heart beat every day. We are due to have our baby on the 10th of May. I am having an appt with the high risk team in our city's maternity hospital in a few weeks, which will give me some peace of mind once we have more information and work out a new birth plan. At the moment I'm a bit nervous about it all, however they have advised that I will most likely be required to have an epidural and be induced early. I am not really keen on a c-section but if I have to, I will. Gonna check all my options out first.

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Beautiful photos, Kit. The one reminds me of the one I have in my album looking down at my baby girl almost 28 years ago! I'm so happy for you and your future!

you are so unremarkable i shouldnt be replying here-lol kiddin , all joking aside you are extraordinary! hey that word extraordinary makes no sense if you think about it!! awesome! tc and thank you for sharing, congrates! beautiful baby!

Kit, Mom and Norah are beautiful! I love to see healthy babies! I’m so glad everything was unremarkable for such a remarkable family! Congrats to all of you and yours:)

Kit...delighted for you...your pictures are 'remarkable'...wonderfully / beautifully so...and, your shared results are magnificent...

I love reading such stories,Am 29 and 3months post clipping of a raptured aneurysm.Am thinking of trying out for baby no 2.For KIt and Denise, what did your docs say about having a normal delivery? Mine has given me a go ahead but i would also like to hear more..

So happy to hear this joyful news! Thank you for letting us all know, I just love your story and what a happy ending! Or should I say beginning?!


Hi God’s Favourite,
I’m yet to have an appt with the surgeon and the obstetrician, I will be seeing them both in the next couple of weeks. I will let you know what they say once I have been. I have so many questions.
I also have a post which I will be updating as my pregnancy progresses and birth takes place. Feel free to follow that one too.

Thanks Denise. i will look for the post am sure to learn a thing or two

Hi Kit: as you can see I haven't been on here for some time. Getting on with life, just came back from Punta Cana last Saturday and totally aneurysm worry free, I hardly think about it now, lucky me.

Norah and you, are both beautiful and thank you so much for sharing. Having a baby is such a wonderful experience I am so glad you were able to enjoy it and now you can enjoy her for the rest of your life, which will be a long and healthy one. I forgot to mention my daughter, Chelsey, who is 23 now was 9.2 lbs too.

Keep us posted with updated pictures from time to time if you have a spare moment, yeah right. Are you taking the full 12 months maternity leave or sharing with your partner?

Again Congratulations :)


Kit34 said:

Pictures attached.

Kit, this is such a beautiful story, THANK YOU for sharing! You are the third woman I know who was treated for an aneurysm (the other two had ruptures), and went on to become mothers. Two of them wrote a Memoir, one is called "Rebooting My Brain" (though that book was written before she had her baby), and the other is called "Stir" by Jessica Fechtor.

Jessica Fechtor

Congratulations. This is a wonderful story!!!!

So beautiful and so happy for you!!! sending so many positive vibes your way!!!