My Test Results

Good news! all came back back good. Everything working as it should be. Doctors said, we will be seeing you again, but for now, not for another year, your free to fly! Yeh!!!!

My prayers got answered.

Hi Sandra,

This is great news! I am so very happy for you. Thanks be to God.


Yeah! I am so happy for you Sandra, glad you got the result you wanted, luv and hugs, Jill x

Awesome to read this!!!! Congratulations and enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Greg. You will do great as well when your moment arrives. Take care and stay well.

Thanks Gill. With support like this, it's contagious. Hugs back to you.

7/9 is my big day!!!! thank you!!!

What great words. Thanks Elke. Hugs

Thanks Carole. Now I can start my dancing again. Hugs to you & God Bless.