My story

On 12/07/11, I was admitted to the hospital because I passed out, my blood pressure was extremely high and I had a headache that would not go away. After doing an mri, they found a 7mm ICA. I was referred to a Neurosurgeon for surgical options. Thankfully it was unruptured. My surgery was scheduled for 12/27/11. I was sent to an Ophthalmologist to see if there was damage to my eyes. My right eye showed significant damage. The day of my surgery came and I was very nervous because I have problems with anesthesia. The Surgeon and Anesthesiologist assured me they would take all necessary precautions. I woke up feeling confused and with a massive headache. The Surgeon and Anesthesiologist came to see me. During the procedure my heart rate dropped very low which is what I was scared of due to past experience with it. The surgeon told me during the procedure he found 2 more aneurysms so He coiled them and placed stints in. He also told me that during the procedure, one of the coils migrated the wrong way. He said that it shouldnt affect me. I was released after 3 days. I was having difficulty seeing and comprehending. On 01/07/12 I had a stroke. Once admitted they did a Head CT to check damage. Luckily it wasnt a massive stroke but they were concerned there were more white spots on the brain than they liked. After being released the Surgeon wanted to see me. He was genuinely concerned and said that I was a rare case. He was very good at explaining and showing me the scans. I have since moved my family to Las Vegas, NV for family support. I still continue to have bouts of confusion and vision problems but feel I am making progress. I have started back to work part time. I do get frustrated because my comprehension and memory are still not very good. I am thankful to be alive!!!

Hi Anika,

Welcome to BAF.

Your story is amazing! Despite many challenges you are showing signs of a good recovery and a strong sense of self. Thanks be to God.

Please don’t be too hard on yourself. A full recovery takes time. It’s good to know that you are now where you have good family support and the positive reinforcement of getting a new job.

I encourage you to use all the tools available to you to support your memory during this time - make lists, take notes, use Siri if your cell phone has it, use reminders, etc. The philosophy I learned at one of my earliest jobs is something that helped me through out my career and I will pass it on to you, as I have to others

Obtain an understanding - ask
Record your understanding - write
Confirm your understanding - double check
Test your understandng - do

May God bless you with a full recovery. Take care.



Thank you, Carole, for those tips. I find my memory is still hard to get together.

Hi Amy,
My clipping was in 1969. I still have some memory issues but now they may be attriibutable to becoming a “senior”. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, post annie, my memory improved enough for me to be able to pass the CPA exam (among others) and to have a long and rewarding career. I wish you even greater success.

Take care.