My story

I was with my Husband (thank God) when mine ruptured. My face felt flush, then it felt like it was literally on fire. After that, the headache from hell. My Husband said I blacked out for a minute and then asked him what happened.

I thought it was a migraine so I stayed at home from work the next day, sleeping and taking Tylenol. He came home early because he was really worried. I asked him to get me some more Tylenol and went back to sleep. When I woke up at 6 that evening, it still hurt so bad. He looked at me and said, you know it could be an aneurysm. I just looked at him with a dead stare and then I said that I was going to feel like an idiot if we go to the ER and it turns out to be a migraine.

They did a scan of my brain and the ER Dr came rushing in the room telling me I had a ruptured aneurysm and asked my Husband where did he want me to be airlifted to. They gave me a shot for the pain, strapped me in the chopper, and all I remember after that is the jerking of the helicopter.

I do remember coming to for a minute in the O.R. hearing the Surgeon yelling at one of the Nurses and then he made some sort of joke because he realized I was coming to. My Husband said I was talking to him and my Daughter before they took me back for surgery but I dont remember that at all. Next, I woke up in CCU hooked up to so many tubes and they were asking me my name and if I knew my D.O.B., that kind of stuff. I just wanted to see my Husband.

They let him in once I woke up and told me they did the coiling procedure and that I was fine. They said blood had leaked into my spinal fluid and thats why I was in so much pain in my butt of all places. Lol! CCU was rough and hard but the Nurses I had were a God send.

I was in CCU for 8 days. Then they moved me to a private room for 2 more days. They released me to go home on March 19th. They wanted to do another angiogram in 4 wks so I wasnt allowed to go back to work, drive or lift anything over 10 lbs. They said my brain needed time to heal before the next angiogram, and they would be able to tell me if they would have to put in a stint or not. I was lucky, they said it had healed and they didnt have to do anything. And that I could go back to work that following Monday.

Well, I went back to work. I was so exhausted when I got home! Tuesday when I went in I had a major melt down and started SOBBING like a baby for no reason. I had to get away from there and fast! My Husband didnt waste any time getting there and I havent been back since. I called my Surgeons Nurse and she told me to go see my GP for the depression and anxiety. Im having to beg for pain pills because the pain has moved down in my legs but the Dr is afraid to keep refilling them because the DEA recently shut down 2 local Drs for illegally prescribing pain pills to their patients and all the Drs are scared. Its crazy! I have my patient files from the University sent to them and I still have to plead with him.

I cant even do light housekeeping without them. I just lay around and sleep a lot.

After my GPs Nurse pissed me off for the 5th time, treating me like a druggy, I made an appt with him. I told him I was highly upset with his Nurse because of how she has been treating me when I call. She didnt even want to talk to me about getting a referal from them after I found a Neurologist (with no help from anyone). I also gave him what I call my laundry list of problems Ive been experiencing since the hospital released me. He said he had no idea all of this was going on, which I figured he hadnt. He gave me my prescriptions, made a copy of the list I gave him and I finally got my appt with a Neurologist in a few weeks and my disability is in the works.

HI Amy...sorry it took me so long to write back to you...when posts are to long, but head starts to waiver so I read in parts...

I am so glad your neurosurgeon ended up helping you out...that is not the case for many of us...also, I think you will find a big difference in having a Neurologist ... take care of alot of your symptoms and meds...

Gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

My Husband told the ER Doctor here in Columbus to airlift me to the University in Jackson. I didnt even know about the University until now. They were all great to me during my stay. Its a little comforting to know Im not the only one having these problems with Doctors. And I agree 100% that we need help with our emotional problems as well.

Im not sure how this friend thing works on here. Is it anything like Facebook? Lol