My Story

Didnt even know I had one it was the day before Thanksgiving in 05 and you know how a mom is~ Well my kids were roughhousing and I yelled at them to stop and it felt like someone hit me in the back of my head with a hammer, I fell to my knees and my breathing got a little weak so I called my dad, he called my mom and they wanted to rush me to the hospital because Aneursm ruin in our family (cousins) and so after 15mins I couldnt take the pain any longer and we went.. The back of my head hurt, the lights in the hospital were blinding but what ever drug they gave me made it stop working and being 38 I never cussed around my parents but I told my mom "Boy thats some good shit" she smiled.. But they told me I had a Aneurysm where do I want to go, I said Ohio State but can you wait until Saturday because I just went to the bank to get my money for Black Friday and of coarse they said no~ So off I went ~ Not to scared though but I know afterwards I was~ I was in the hospital for only a week because they put me in a room with another person who had company all day and her phone rang off the hook~ So I got home and its much a blirrrr, I remember trying to go shopping 2 days before Christmas and it was hard... My headaches got worst, ears ringing like crazy and a scare I cryed at.. My doctor asked me to come back for another Surgery to clip or coil or stent (cant remember which one he did first time but i had Surgery again that March~ I told him he could do whatever he needed to just dont cut my head again and well... they had too because he couldnt get threw my veins in my neck~ I was in the hospital for 2weeks that time and it was nice because I had a room by myself and the nurses took good car of me~ But its been 6yrs coming up and the headaches I still have, the sharp pains I get in my head ( from nerve damage) are still there and my Nero has been puttingon differnet meds to see which one will work~ But they did tell me this past July that I have another one and its only 3mm big so theres nothing they can do for it since its so small.... But Im alive, I can walk and talk and thats something they said might not happen but God didnt want me once, not even twice and so Im here to spread the word that we can make it, we can live on.... Its hard some days but Im a Suvivor and PROUD OF IT~~~

Tia, I am so sorry you went though and are continually going through this. I was lucky - mine was unruptured. I'm glad you found this place - it has been such a blessing to all of us.

I hope they find something that will help your nerve pain - I know that must be painful - I had a spell where I had to take Gabapentin (Neurontin) for a while, but I am sure it was nothing compared to yours. I do have a really good friend that has a nerve disorder and she takes 1200-1500 mg a day of it to control her pain.

Where were your annies located? Another person on this site discussed Fioricet, which I finally convinced my neuro to give me after my coiling and stent (along with oxycodone) for my headaches.

Wishing you a healthier and brighter tomorrow,


Thanks Sherri~ Yes this is a great site and also on facebook there is a B.A. Suvivor page and I love it.. It has helped me out alot knowing Im not the only one out there going through this. Yep I got to have the Oxy too and loved it because the pain wasnt there and I slept alot but the doctor is trying me on every kind of meds you can think of and I just get so bummed when they dont work because half of them hurt my stomach or make me sick... The only pill that helped was Deracet but my doctors wouldnt give me any because they didnt want me to get hooked on them... Really? I would only take them when the pains were to bad but they said no and plus they stopped making them. But yes life goes on and now Im on a mission to write alot of famous actors and musicans to let them konw what WE are going through but I get sick to death to hear all this awareness on Breast cancer and Diabeties because NOTHING or know one is helping spread the word on B.A. ~ But hopefully some day I and we can spread the word to everyone~~ Thank you very much~

Again Welcome Tia...!

So glad you are a Survivor...!

Continued thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi Tia welcome sorry you have to be here I still get headaches now and mine was in 02+03. Hope to chat sometime.

I hate it when drs think they cannot prescribe something because you will become "hooked" on it. I have been on Vicodin for many years because of the side effects of cancer treatment, yet I still take the same dose - 2 per day, just to take the edge off my muscle pain. Luckily, my current doc of 7 yrs knows better - I think she also knows that I have not and will not abuse. She does believe that when you are in pain, take something. She also prescribed some meds last year when my hands were hurting really badly and the rheumatoligist did not prescribe what she thought would help (cancer treatment made my bones really brittle and I had a lot of broken bones which were not diagnosed until too late - nobody's fault really but it has caused arthritis to set in).

You mentioned Deracet - is this also Midrin? You are correct on annie awareness - as good as my GP is, she didn't realize until I told her the other day that my brain would have to be followed for the rest of my life. Another very good friend of mine is also a doctor and her first reaction was - this usually only happens in older people. We do need to spread the word, even to our own doctors.



Your story is amazing.

My favorite thing for the nerve pain in my arm is 2 Hersheys milk chocolate nuggets. This has been helping me a lot and usually works in about 10 minutes. I discovered the pain relieft by accident. We used to have these chocolates in the office. Now we buy the big bag at home and I have 2 each day. Maybe it will help to lessen your pain.

I really am serious about this. I hope you like chocolate!

May God continue to bless you.


blessings to you tia. i admire your positive attitude!

Chocolate Really???? Well I must say I really dont like sweets at all... Im a coffeeholic.. It was down to cigerettes or coffee well Im starting with the cigs now and the coffee well that has to stay but I will defiently try the Chocolate to help.. I do like Mr. Goodbars every five years or so hahah But thank you so much because I will try anything to make the pain ease. Happy Super Bowl.. And I GOTTA YELL ...GO NY.. Im always for the underdog~~~ :)

Thank you Kathy but its day by day and thats how we gotts live....But that is sooo nice to try to make everyday a good day~ :)

i am also a proud survivor.sorry you still suffer from headaches.had my ruptured annie coiled 4/11/11.was hoping to hear headches go doctor adjusting my meds but i also have a heart condition so he is limited now 17 pills a day down from 22 when discharged from hospital,see nuerologist next week regarding diziness and goes on take more than this to bring me down glad you share your strength and hope.thanks

Bill~ Thank you we gotta be stronge even though I wanna break down and cry sometimes. I hope like crazy your headches do go away!!!!! My doctors is just switching my meds atleast 2 times a year but hopefully he finds something~ Yep , Gotta keep on living~ Let me know if he finds something...Please... Take care~~

Tia, a belated welcome;

You have been through a lot these past six years...blessed you are still here with us all.



Thanks Pat~ Still going through the everyday pains bring me down but I try to keep my head held high because we are here for a reason~ And I think its to spread the word~ But Government needs to listen to us first.. :) Thank you again