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My one year anniversary


One year ago to the hour i was told i had two anneurysms…the cause of my sudden headache, etc. Last week i did my one year recommended cerebral angiography, and all is clear​:blush::blush:. It’s weird, thinking about it and one year ago i should be dead and my children would be without a mom. I still cant understand my luck not only with the dr pushing for extra tests, and the random cancellation at the neurology clinic that got me in for an appt and surgery the next day. Im lucky, and i know it. We had a little ice cream celebration today. Wishing you all well!


Congratulations Tricia, that is definitely something worth celebrating :slight_smile: Isn’t it amazing sometimes how luck goes!


Congratulations! Here’s to many more years :smile:


Thank you!!! Today is my surgery anniversay date. Will mever forget these two dates!


Thank you!!!


Coming up on my two year annie-versary tomorrow! Congratulations to you!!!