My medical alert requested

This is the front of my medical card. One the back it lists my name, surgeon's name, hospital, my hospital ID number, surgery date, implant numbers, manufacture, and surgery performed.


Hi Terry,

That looks important to have...huh...I didn't get one of these identification cards for the clips. Thanks for posting and I will check with my Neurosurgeon office.

Blessings, Sal

Terri thank you for sharing...I think seeing this will be so good for many ~ Colleen

I did not get a card like this, actually did not receive anything after my clippings. Will discuss this with my neurosurgeon on the 25th.

Thanks for sharing.

I use the card when I fly. My airport has full body scanners. I just go through the regular metal detectors. I have not had any problems with that.


Terri, this is very helpful. Thank you for posting this photo.

Is there any website or phone number of the company that issued the card on the reverse side? I looked up and I think that's the company that manufactured your clip.

Because I fly a lot, I would really like to get a card like this, but my neurosurgeon and hospital did not offer one. Was yours given to you at discharge? And did it come from the medical records department or the neurosurgeon's office?

When you get to TSA, do you present the card and then they automatically let you go through the old-style metal detector? That would save me so much time and aggravation because now I tell them I can't (really, I'm not willing to) go through the hands-up full-body scanner, and I get an invasive manual patdown every time, even though I have a Global Entry (pre-screening) ID card.

What year was your surgery performed?

I had an identical card like this handed to my by a nurse at UCSF on the day of departure.

The phone listed is 800-■■■■■■■■

I show it to the TSA agents that checks the boarding pass. I let them know I need the metal detector and not the full body scanner.

The card showed up in the mail one day, probably a few weeks after surgery. It was marked from the hospital and not the doctors office itself. I had my surgery May 6, 2013.


I did not get the card but I did get the clip # and information on it etc, from the patient records department at the hospital where my surgery was performed. I had to put my request in a written letter. I actually received the procedure information along with clip info. Not being a doctor I did not understand the medical terminology.