My loveable world with brain injury

My story is long but not boring. Please read carefully

My name is sandeep singh age -28from Punjab (india)

four years ago, am serious injured in a road accident and i had a very serious head injury.

P. G. I Chandigarh doctors took my head operation. I went in Coma for along time after head operation

After about 6 months of treatment i recovered a little mentally . Docters started my physiotherapy

After about 3 months of physiotherapy my upper body recovered completely but i could not stand up straight my body did not balance

Docters examine to me and said its paraparesic in both legs( lower body) and sent me home. Doctors told me there was no brain medicine

My family gave me a wheelchair . Made my room and washroom comfortable for me.

My physiotherapy continued at home. I was doing home physiotherapy for 6-7 months but i did not make any difference

Almost a one year had passed since my injury.

At that time winter was over in india and the weather was very pleasant

Mentally, i was completely healed and started meditation or yoga for my brain

Am also learned that physiotherapy is important for week muscles.

But i have to do something for brain that I can do my self only. My house has an open garden. I got up early and meditation started.

In the beginning, i had a lot of problems and i did not pay attention

After few time i began to feel satisfied

When i started to focus meditation, i used to climb mountains or i used to swim in the waves of Ocean. My physiotherapy continued as well

One fact about me :- when i had someone i didn’t have straight stand up. When I was alone I saw a lot of changes. I stand up straight and walk with walker . In the beginning i fell several times , i do not advise anyone else to stand up alone.

Best thing for me in these six months was that i started walk with walker. I walked looking at my feet. When am walk If some one called to me suddenly so my body balance was deteriorating

It took me almost two fully years to recover

Today i look straight uo and walk on stick. I go up and down the stairs

Now i can go any where outside my home freely…

Sorry my sad story got a little longer. Which is still ongoing. I hope one day we will complete this story together

I will learn something from you. I want to greatly increase the recovery of people suffering from brain injuries or strokes

Would you like to any one take my suggesions ?

Sandeep singh


What an inspirational personal story / journey. Your determination & exploring alternative recovery methods has certainly been positive for you. I have tried meditation in the past but I really need to try again as I read so many positive outcomes. :ok_hand::hugs:

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My dear friend

The path that does not lead to success must be changed

And good luck for your new way.

I suggest to you please change your meditation method. I don’t know what are do?
I don’t know about your brain damage.
Please change your way ( meditation)
Also deep breathing or some exercises.
I would like to help you dear friend

Sandeep singh