My job let me go 1.5 weeks after coming off disability

So I know I am blessed because I was able to return to my job 3 weeks after my Pipeline surgery but I was really shocked and hurt when my company laid me off a week later and eliminated my position. I’m guessing the other cultures I worked with felt the could do my job around me being off so why keep me. Now the bills are coming in and I’m hoping to get unemployment. Because I’ve become so depressed and emotional I completely fell apart at my job as they escorted me to my car like a criminal. Well it’s one week later and I’m trying to see the blessings in everyday I stead of feeling like a victim. Has anyone else been let go
Like this?? I don’t think I have any legal rights but boy it was a real shitty thing for them to do.

O.M.G. Eileen, I am so sorry. The laid off and escorted out thing is so humiliating, but then to have it happen at this point in your life is beyond cruel. Good for you, though, working through it to find the positives in your situation, even when it may feel like there's not too much in the way of blessings.

I have no experience with this, but I'm going to feature your discussion, hoping to give your question a bit more visibility.

Stay strong, Eileen. Look what you've just been through: a brain repair that not so long ago would not have been possible. Good doctors. The support of an online community. We're with you, Eileen.

Seenie from Moderator Support

Eileen, as a Social Worker, I saw many peers escorted out of the building on their final day. We could always tell when they were fired because law enforcement would show up. Under the old management, the supervisor escorted them. I was warned by the main folks that they were going to let me go and I cleared my office of personal items. One if the lead workers called my home blasting me out as I did not have management there, then 2 supervisors called and apologized. It still hurts to be told you can’t do a job you loved but in reality, I still couldn’t do it even with all my healing

As for bills - do you have any type of disability/unemployment insurance that can kick in? Also try one of the local organizations in your area that may be able to help with budgeting. We have a couple here in our small county that can assist with making a plan and help write letters or make calls Some of the families I worked with used them and although they had to relinquish credit cards, they were able to make minimal payments and not hurt their credit rating as much as if they had made no attempt. It also stopped the creditors from adding interest to what they owed. A quick search on the internet should provide that information for your area

Meantime, hang in there. Breathe and exercise as both help with sadness. You are still able to work and hopefully you will find a better job where the folks will appreciate your gifts. We’re hear to listen!

My story is similar to Moltroub’s. I lost my job after a work injury disabled me. When I got the word that I was going to be let go I asked my sister to take me to my job when she was available to help me collect my belongings, since I could only walk a bit with crutches and I could not carry anything. Lol, I unintentionally avoided protocol by doing this, which did not sit well with management.

The situation was upsetting and I was deeply hurt. However, in retrospect, unlike you, I was not physically able to do my job. It is almost a year later and even though I am getting back to walking unassisted for short periods I still have not recovered my full mobility.

Obviously, in my case, my issues have nothing to do with my aneurysm surgery, but I think the feelings of loss and shock are the same.

My work accident led to my CT scan, which showed an asymptomatic aneurysm. I would not have known otherwise. This is my silver lining.

I hope you are able to find another position soon, one which will turn out to be better than your last job, one so much better that you will consider the loss of this job a blessing in disguise.

Thank you for sharing your stories. It really helps. I'm getting past the hurt and starting to see the blessings. Not sure what direction I will take but thankfully I should be able to collect unemployment. I appreciate all of you and will pray for your continued healing and recovery.

hi, so sorry! i know how you feel- i was terminated in a huge board room with pres vice pres and hr, they had to do it so i could get the disability but man that hurt, it was the best job i ever had of 13 yrs as senior painter in a retirement home and was my own boss and could do whatever i wanted. Prayers the new door is awesome or you find your way to another happy place tc xoxo

I am so sorry this happened to you. I encourage you to file for unemployment. I have worked for the unemployment office for a number of years. If they let you go for health/medical reasons and you are still able to work I would think you would be eligible. In Texas (where I am) you do have to be physically & mentally able to work full time. Don’t know about other states. Wishing good thoughts for a new job that will appreciate the new you. ~myra

I encourage you to consult with an employment attorney. The ruse of pretending to eliminate a position is a tactic used by those who don’t want to re-hire someone who might be disabled. My position was “eliminated” after I inquired about disability coverage when my second brain surgery was being scheduled. You have a strong case for unemployment and for severance, and the lawyer will often consult without an up-front fee. Don’t feel singled out by being escorted out. That is typical for anyone who is let go, and isn’t a reflection on you, just on the HR department of your unsympathetic employer. Don’t get mad. Don’t get sad. Get a lawyer.