My FU is 6/18

Finaly! I'll be havingmy MRI/MRA and Brain Scan. See how the old head is doing with the shunt. I'm a little nervous about it, but yet looking forward to it. How did everyone feel after such trauma and than the moment is here where we will get to see/hear the results.

Hi Sandra,

My prayers are with you for a safe angiogram and that you will get good results.


Thank You Carole for your reply. How are you doing?

Hi Sandra,

I’m very well thank you. We’re having a very busy weekend including a dinner dance tonight!

Take care of yourself.


Opa! what fun. Enjoy and have a dance for me. I haven't done too much since all this happend, but after Monday. I hope to start, like Yoga, Nia and dancing. Carole it's been nice chatting with you, I need to go and read your story, haven't done it yet. Have a dance for me.

Make it a great evening!


hi Sandra-i've had a shunt for 3 years but haven't had tests or scans regarding the shunt so i am bewildered. Do you have coiling or stent? Anyway good luck on the results,our thoughts & prayers are with you

Thinking of you and praying today goes great with all the answers and reassurance you need :)

You have my prayers Sandra...please keep us posted...and let us know how you made out...~

Hi Ron, I first had the coil, than 2 weeks later, I had the shunt. It was good news for me today. The test was part of the 3 month fu, which was an MRI/MRA and xray of the brain, so they could see the shunt and the setting. Mine was set at 100 when they put it in.

I have the Codman Hakim Shunt. So now, unless I run into a problem, which I'm not expecting any, I will have the same tests in a year. I'm amazed you haven't had any scans done. Ask your doctor. Thanks for the prayers.

It was all good Cindy and thank you for the prayers.

Thanks Colleen, I got awesome news. God Bless.

hi Sandra-ive had mra's 2 or3, x rays 2 angios but dont recall the shunt being the target but could have been since my memory is bad-have a great day-Ron