My Experience with an aneurism

So i am 30 and 1 year past a aneurism rupture and clipping...

When i had this, i searched allot on the web, and got quite worried/depressed. So i thought i would post my experience....

I was riding my Mountain bike in the bush when my helmet started to feel too small, then bang... massive headache and i new something wasn't right . Almost immediately i started to feel druged, so i headed the easiest way back to my car.

I called my partner thinking that i may have been bitten by a snake, i tried to drive home (dumb i know) i got about 10mins in and i was physically ill, and spinning. Luckily my partner had driven out to pick me up, she found me on the side of the road not well, she insisted on calling an ambulance. They took me to the local hospital (everyone still thought i was bitten bike a snake) it was only when i was put through a CT scanner, that the doctors sent me to a major hospital.

I was told that i had suffered a ruptured aneurism, and that i would require immediate brain surgery. (scary times!!!)

My recovery from the clipping was tough. I am a strong believer of mind over body.

It was 12 weeks when i returned to work (part time) and 16 weeks until was back full time.

I feel as if i have recovered 100% & I am back on my Mountain bike.

I understand that i was very lucky, and very gratefull.

I write this to provide some people that are looking for hope :)

I am happy to provide any details, or answer any questions

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Thanks for sharing your story! There is so much written on the internet that chronicles the pain, struggle, and loss due to aneurhism rupture, as well there should be. Stories like yours are a breath of hope for those of us still locked in the day to day battle. Thanks, man.

Andrew, congratulations, so glad to hear of your recovery. I strongly believe in mind over matter too. Welcome!

Hi Andrew

Always a pleasure to read positive stories that gives hope to others. I was truly fortunate to find my anne and have it coiled in April before it ruptured, just a little less fortunate to also have another one to babysit, but hey at least i'm still around to fulfil this duty.




so very happy for your continuing large was your anny when ruptured? that is remarkable you were able to get back to full-time work so soon but man is it wonderful and i guess it shows the sooner you can get medical attention after the rupture the risk lowers drastically for any mental or physical deficits,,,Guod be with you and i wish you a long,healthy n beautiful life...let that anny know whos boss!

Andrew, I'm so happy to hear the good news that you feel you are 100% & back on your mountain bike. That gives me encouragement that in 4 months I may feel the same. (Not that I'm going to be on a mountain bike) Maybe I'll be able to get rid of my cane. Its 9 mos since my ruptured annie & still experiencing the headaches & weakness on the right side & the docs are watching another annie. You give me courage & hope.



Bless your Heart for sharing your will help many here at BAF

Now Keep on Healing...You are a Survivor...!


Luckily my rupture was very small....

Thankyou for all your beautiful comments.

I had the best of all outcomes :)

hahaha... yes :) with in reason..... (i have had way to many trips to the hospital ;))

Good luck with your Kayaking, i am sure you will be fine, one thing this has taught me is to enjoy it!!

Good for you. I had an unruptured clipped almost 3 years ago. At my first follow up a month later I asked about exercise got the ok and was back on my bike the next day. Road though not mountain. It’s a need for speed thing!

Andrew, I am so happy to hear about your recovery.. Congrats!! It is been 1year 5 months since my rupture annie. I am soo lucky to be alive and I count my blessing everyday! were / are blessed...

It is rewarding to hear great recovery from what appears to be great health care... from the initial emergency (more than blessed) and getting you quality care.

Our only other (I can remember) is Karen who was wonderful to share her quality care / recovery. You all are few and far between... then take your time to share it with us is give hope.

Please tell us the hospitals that provided quality health care to you; it's a wonderful compliment for them to be recognized...

Prayers to you and all involved...

It is the public health system in Australia....

First it was Frankston Hospital, then the wonderful team at the neuro ward at the Moansh Hosipital. (I cannot thank them enough :))

I am very impressed that all my treatments cost 0$, I was on the operating table within 5hours of the event.....

Thanks for all the kind words...

Hi Andrew

I am so happy to hear about your success.

I had a 5mm ruptured anny on April 6, 2011 which was repaired with glue and a stent. ....I still have a 2mm anny which will be watched. ....I feel lucky to be alive and have no deficits other than depression and fatigue, which has been gradually lifting. ....I will be going back to work at about 16 weeks (part time also). Was it difficult returning to work?....I'm really nervous about not having the stamina to work full time.

Take care and be well


Thank you for is wonderful to hear great news first with your recovery, from your treatment from your initial emergency to prompt and effective...down to the cost.

Again, thank you for sharing success...

I am very lucky to have had an very understanding boss, and i just took it one day at a time...

I also am very lucky to enjoy my work :)

My biggest symptom was also fatigue, i feel it that it has lifted

Good luck with it all

I am very lucky all round :)