My coiling procedure

I want to write this for others feeling apprehensive (as I was) about having this done.

I went into the hospital at 10:30 AM Sept. 17th with my daughter and husband and my husband's brother - they were there to support me and one another if anything went wrong. It helped to have company while we waited. At about 12 noon they took me to pre-op prep and again, my family could wait nearby (for privacy) while they prepped me. They shaved my groin and started an I.V. and took my vitals. Then my family came in and waited with me - we told funny stories and I felt relaxed. The surgeon came in and said hello and said it would be about a 3 hour procedure and did I want to hear the risks and side effects again. I said no, because why bring up all that fear again. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me next.

At about 1 pm they told me they were ready for me and I kissed my family goodbye and asked them to pray for me.

I was transferred to the operating table and everyone was very kind and thoughtful. I asked them to take good care of me. They put the oxygen mask on. The next thing I knew I woke up in recovery. My throat was very sore from the tube and I had two puncture wounds in my groin which were very sore. I still had the catheter & I. V. in.

My first thought upon waking was that I was alive and still 'me' so my two biggest fears were relieved in that first second of consciousness. My family was allowed to be with me as soon as I was conscious. They took me up to a ward. My family looked very relieved.

The next several hours were spent just trying to be comfortable as I now had pain in my groin, pain when they took the catheter out and pain in my throat. I didn't get a headache until I'd gone over 24 hours without my coffee fix! Then I asked for pain meds and I took some codeine. I had a light bite to eat. I couldn't sleep at all that night and was exhausted by the next morning. I was starving and needed my coffee! I finally managed to pee so I was relieved about that as there had been issues for me previously with general anesthesia. The surgeon came in and told me everything had gone very well and the annie was well coiled and he'd put in a stent as well. I have to stay on Plavix for 6 months and baby aspirin for a year. He discharged me with no pain meds. So it is now 2 days later and the worst thing is the pain in the groin when I walk. I actually got some sleep yesterday so I am feeling more like myself every day.

I hope this will help others feel some peace about what will happen during a coiling procedure. One thing I want to say, is that no matter how you think about the odds being in your favor or how much positive visualizing you do, it is perfectly normal to still have fears. The best people to share your fear with is people who allow you to express it without telling you why you shouldn't feel that way. This forum is great for this very reason - we all know how you feel going into the unknown and it's okay to be honest about those fears. I am so thankful to have found this group.


You post makes me want to cry with joy! Yes, the feeling when wake up and realize it it over and I am ok is overwhelming. We wish you continued success on your recover. Be kind to yourself and take it slow. - Laura

I totally had that "I'm alive" realization when I woke up from surgery. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing this will help so many...Rest and Heal...~ Colleen

Donna, congrats and yea !!! another wow factor! Medicine is amazing. Will keep you in my prayers. remember to take care of yourself. donna w

Me too!

How wonderful of you to share the step by step details. I am sure it will be very helpful in assuaging other folks angst! Mine was similar but I was put in ICU and they left the catheter in all night...ugh. I couldn't sleep a wink that night either. You are so sweet to share your story. I know it will be helpful. Again...congrats!



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Thank you! I truly appreciate the details you’ve shared and the comfort you’ve provided in sharing your story. I’m so glad your surgery went well! Karen. :slight_smile:

It was such a feeling of relief while reading this. I appreciate the step by step replay. I’ll be having my Annies coiled in August. Im very nervous but this helped with having an idea of what’s to come. Thanks again

I had my coiling and stent procedure done in December 2018. (21 coils and 2 stents) I was thankful to be alive and aware of my surroundings when I woke up in the Recovery Room. I had no pain in the groin afterword and minimal discomfort where the coils and stents were placed. I spent the night in a neuro "ICU: and was able to go home the next day. I am hoping your procedure goes well. Waiting is the hardest part!

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Yes Ida it certainly is. How has your recovery been since going home? Any headaches or pain.

For about 6 months, there was some discomfort in the general area where the annie is. It was nothing I would even take pain meds for. Since the procedure, I tire easily. My annie was large: 23 by 17 mm. with a wide neck. That’s the reason for the stents. I am still on Plavix and baby aspirin. Because of the wide neck, I will need more coils at some point. I have an excellent doctor at University Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada. I have MRIs with dye every three months. All in all, everything is fine, I was nervous too before the procedure, but when the time came, I was ready to get it over with. I had complete confidence in my doctor and he didn’t disappoint. You will be fine.

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Can I ask the name of the doctor you had at University Hospital?

I had Dr. Michael Mayich for the procedure. He is part of Dr. Stephen Lownie’s team. Dr. Lownie is a neurosurgeon. Dr. Mayich is a neuroradiologist. He does cerebral angiograms and the coiling/stent procedure. He is young, confident and well trained in his field. I am thankful that I live close the University Hospital with its top-notch Neurosurgery Department I am sure there are excellent doctors in the Kingston area as well.

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Great Ida. I will try to keep u updated on my surgery. I’ve almost reached the space where I just want it over with. But then nerves kick in.

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Thank you so much for the info. I was just curious.
Happy to hear you are doing well!

Ida, I can’t wait until you get to the two year mark! Hopefully the next coiling will do the trick if you have to have it.