My aneurysm

I am a 43 yr old male who on Dec 4 2011 while at the gym felt and heard a snap in my head as I was drinking from the fountain. I then had a very bad headache and left the gym to drive home. I got on the road and it felt like my arms were being weighed down with sandbags so I dialed 911 (thank goodness for bluetooth) I turned around went back to the gym and had the medics pick me up at the gym. I thought I was taking a heart attack as my arms were tingly and felt numb. I now know that it was the blood building pressure against that part of my brain that controlled my extremities. I got to the hospital and was told that I couldnt talk right and was slurring my words. The heart checked out OK so they put me in the CT scan and saw the blood where they concluded that I had the Basilar artery rupture and needed to shunt my brain to release pressure and then decide to clip or coil my aneurysm. They clipped it 2 days later and 2 weeks later I went home. I keep in shape, dont smoke so I think that contributed to my speedy recovery. That and a little bit of luck. Its not every day you get to stare death in the face and flip it the bird…LOL

LOL!!!! Love it Peter!!! Great success story!!!


WOW, what a story! You were so smart to call 911 instead of continuing to drive! I find each success story to be a miracle in one way or another! I know we're at the mercy of our doctors and surgeons and the way I was diagnosed I had the luxury (for lack of a better word) to GET a second opinion if needed, but my first visit with my neurosurgeon left me feeling completely at ease. I trusted him 110% and still do. In an emergency situation such as yours you are at the mercy of whomever is on call. You have to hope that you're getting the best treatment.

Glad to hear all is well - they key is definitely to take care of your body and stay healthy.

Keep up the good work!


Yes. I agree about the Neurosurgeon but I had another stroke of luck . My wife works for St Jude Medical as an RN and her and another St Jude Employee knew of a great Neurosurgeon and asked him to do the surgery. He agreed and they got me fast tracked into surgery.

I had the same type of luck....a friend dated a doctor for a short time the summer prior to my diagnosis. He was cheif of orthopedic oncology and when I was informed of my aneurysm, I had NO CLUE where to begin to look for a surgeon! If not for her making that phone call to her friend, I don't think I would have been in such great hands, because he called the head of neurosurgery and even though I had to suffer through an entire weekend (I was diagnosed on a friday at 4PM) they fit me in and were so accomodating towards me that monday! sometimes fate comes in to play and you just have to go along with it! I truly believe we end up where we're meant to be. And I also feel when you're numbers is up IT'S UP! We're all still here for a reason! I'm happy you were that lucky Peter!

Wow....Peter, I am hoping my sister has the same success story. She's in ICU since her annie ruptured on Thanksgiving. :-(

I'm extremely worried but also extremely hopeful.

Prayers for your sister Wendy!!! I was in surgical ICU for 3 weeks and today I am doing AMAZING! I pray that your sister makes it through and comes out great!!! You are 'never' the same as you were before, but I am doing super....mine ruptured on December 30, 2011 so I am about to "celebrate" my one year anniversary!!! God Bless Wendy!!!

wow....Kelly's was a level 4. She's in NYC ICU at Columbia Pres. Was treated for three different vasospasms last week but so far none in three days. We're on day 12 now. So you can work and stuff? Kelly is a workaholic

Don’t know what “level” I was and I had 2 1/2 weeks of vasospasms and was told pretty much daily that I would probably die …yes ma’am I went back to work a couple weeks out of the hospital and faced the most stressful year we’ve had in the 10+ years I’ve been there!!

Wow amazing!! YAY YOU! Kelly had hers clamped? clipped? on Thanksgiving and was actually talking to us on Sat and Sun and then the Vasospasms started on Monday and they've done three different procedures. None since Friday AM so that gives me hope that she'll be coming through this soon. They're keeping her heavily sedated.

Glad she came through it ok. I had vasospasms too for a few days then they eventually stopped. Im coming up on one year Dec 4th. Cant believe how time flys. I think one of he hardest things to overcome was being constantly tired for 6 months. It went away and I finally got my energy back. I was just happy to be alive so I couldnt complain too much.

Hope she pulls through the vasospasms but Im sure she will do just fine.

Coiled or clipped??? I was blessed to be coiled …all done through angiograms! No cutting to my head at all!!! I’m guessing she was clipped. I was sedated one day after they thought they were all gone and I had another massive vasospasm. Praying that she will soon recover …just be there for her as she will need the help but moreso just understanding that she won’t be exactly the same …we call it the "new normal "

Congratulations Peter!!! That’s tomorrow!!! I will hit one year on the 30th!

I was clipped.....had the brain surgery...then less than 24 hours after the main surgery I had a another bleed from my dural (the lining that protects the brain) which was caused from the first surgery. So back under the knife I went and another brain surgery later I was back on the NICU floor where I stayed for another 2 weeks until I went home.
I feel like I won the life lottery. No powerball can touch the luck that I just had.

Ya I wife and I plan to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate. Its going to be a surreal day for me knowing what happened just one yr ago.

"Its not every day you get to stare death in the face and flip it the bird"

love it!

Thanks Jennifer. I loved flipping death the bird. Actually did it twice in 24 hours. Had first surgery to clip aneurysm then had a dural bleed and went in for another surgery less than 24 hours later.

BTW, I too am Canadian. Ex patriot now living in the US.

So glad to read this! My friend had hers at the gym 17 years ago too and actually made it home. I had mine last Jan. at my daughters dance comp but mine felt like tension at the base of my skull. After 2 weeks in Neuro ICU I went home and returned Feb 20th to clip the other one they found. I have had little to no problems other then a little jumbled thoughts when I am trying to write something but that was after my recent angiogram. What is it with the age 43 ?! Thats how old I was as well!

I just celebrated my '2nd chance at life day' on Jan 9th going out to dinner with a friend (my husband was out of town with our son ice fishing). Crazy what difference a year can make! you rethink everything you did that day.

Peter Wilson said:

Ya I wife and I plan to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate. Its going to be a surreal day for me knowing what happened just one yr ago.