Multiple Shunt implementations

After a ruptured aneurysm in 2007, I had a shunt implemented, which was removed about 6 month later because the tube had emerged above the skin of my head. It then was was replaced under full narcoses on the other side of my head but the tube from the shunt again emerged to the outside of my head. This time the surgeon determined that the accumulation of fluid had receded enough and the shunt could be removed.
Since in normal cases the shunt remains for lifetime, I would like to know if this procedure has happened in other cases.
I would appreciate any feedback.

Hi there Mike,
I’m Mae mine was also ruptured Annie in 2005, I think some of us can’t give you feedbacks on shunts because this procedures have differently given on patients. Mine, as told by my husband it just lasted for weeks to drain fluids from my brain.
So I would like to ask, How are you now?
Hope your continuously recover.


Hey Imke,
I have a shunt, it’s a VP (ventricular peritoneal) shunt. It fractured, the lower tubing, below the valve, broke and was replaced. The replacement was giving me chronic issues and the surgeon was reluctant to insert another. So they drilled a hole in my forehead and inserted a pressure gauge, which was to be in place for 24hrs to monitor the icp (intracranial pressure). They closed off the entire shunt to see if the CSF (Cerebral spinal fluid) would drain naturally. It didn’t. After 6hrs I was in agony (headaches, blurred vision) which progressed to projectile vomiting, I was rushed back into surgery to have the icp monitor removed and another shunt inserted. It was deemed that the natural aquaduct, a tube down through the spinal cord, was still blocked and that the shunt was still needed. So I now have 2 shunts, one functioning, one non functional.
I hope that answers your question.
Merl from Moderator Support