MRIs after clips put in?

Here’s a question: I had two clips placed last year which “obliterated” my aneurysm which had ruptured. Recently, I was in the hospital for something unrelated, and they were thinking about doing an MRI. When u mentioned the clips they asked, “can you even HAVE an MRI?” Hmmmm…good question! I asked my surgeon’s office and they are now sending me an “official” medical card stating that yes, I can have an MRI up to a strength called “Tesla 3.” And stronger would yank the clips out - big YIKES! Don’t understand why I wasn’t told before but oh well. But now I think I should wear a med alert bracelet in case, god forbid, I ever wind up in the ER unconscious, so that medical personnel will know! Thoughts?!

I have a medical alert card saying “Aesculap neurosurgery. On the back states I have a neurological implant in my brain. The implants contain alloy which may be sensitive to airport security or metal detectors. Yasargil Aneurysm Clips are safe to 3.0 Tesla”.

I carry it in my wallet with my drivers license and show it to any radiologist testing me for anything and to all my doctors. I have medical information sheet in my wallet as well that tells, conditions, medicine, allergies, emerg phone #'s, doctors, etc. I plan on getting a medical alert bracelet/necklace as well too. My husband received the card when I was in ICU after brain surgery.

Yes I highly recommend Medical bracelet...this is something we all go through clipped, coiled and/or ped...~ even when we get the ok to have the test...Radiology is so nervous that it makes me nervous...~ Colleen

Thanks. I have a piece of paper I carry but am going to make it more official, like you have.

So we need to worry about airport security and metal detectors? Can those harm us or just set off the alarm? Just want to be prepared :slight_smile:

Also…on I found med bracelets with flash drives built in where you can have all your medical info on the file. Not sure I’ll get that kind but nice to know it’s avail.

I'm not sure what type of clip I have, it was put in 1998. I know I have been told by radiologists "at that time " they wouldn't risk it. I wonder why people are allowed to have them now?

Jennifer I have one of those, but since have ordered a regular medical bracelet...even though EMT's will look at flash drives...if for any reason someone didn't have a computer...this could cause a problem...I now have felt I need the type without flash drive...~ just me...~ after having the other...~ Colleen

Not a problem for those who have platinum I am so unsure about this situation, but you need to talk to your Neurosurgeon...

Yup, I thought of that…then thought of having both…looking like 1980s Madonna with too many bracelets. I think I’ll do a regular bracelet plus some type of laminated card with further info, like doctor and surgeon contact info.

Hi Jennifer,
I have a titanium clip. I’ve been able to get two MRIs of my brain. Like you I had to find out the hard way. The first MRI had to be postponed until the tech spoke with the neurosurge. has information on which clips are safe for an MRI. Also as far as travel I haven’t had and issue with airport security or any metal detectors.

Hi, Naomi: My titanium clip was put in in 1995 and I had to go find the medical records of the original surgery at the hospital (my surgeon retired), because they wanted to do an MRI and didn't have access to the old paper records from that ancient time. Once I had the name of the manufacturer and the clip (even the serial number!), they found out it would be okay to get an MRI. Glad I found out when it wasn't an emergency situation! Happy to know there are other long-term survivors out there!

Oh thank you Sigmund for this information! I think I might have my Operative reports from the surgery so I can check that for the type!

This is good to know! Thanks Adriana!

Hi Jennifer, I had a ruptured aneurysm that was clipped 44 years ago this coming October 29,( before MRI' s were even thought of!), and it was only when I needed an mri for an unrelated reason that I was told after questioning by the doctor concerned that I couldn't have one. Guess things have moved on a bit if one can have one up to a certain strength! Yes, I wear a medic alert bracelet as well as I also have been left with hydrocephalus and have a shunt in situ. Best wishes for the future anyway. X