MRI vs MRA - aunerysm?


I had MRI and MRA of my brain.

In the results of MRI you can read that "…after the injection of contrast dye there seems to be a dilation (3.5 mm) in AICA… "

In the results of MRA you can read that “the Circle of Willis is normal in caliber. There is no evidence of abnormal flow to suggest an aneurysm. There is no focus of occlusion.”

Currently I’m waiting for angio CT which is scheduled next week and I’m freaking out.

I understand that every dilation in arteries = aunerysm ?

So all I can expect is a confirmation of aunerysm in angio Ct results,despite the fact that MRA is clear?

Kazik, Welcome to our group and Bens Friends! I had not heard that dilation was an indicator of an aneurysm. Perhaps another member who knows will chime in. I did a short research on Google and found this paper

Whenever I read the results of an MRI/MRA in my chart, I ask my Neurosurgeon. Dr. Quintero Wolfe is my go to expert, she did save my life after all. I’d suggest going into your patient portal and sending an email to the specialist. Someone on the team will know. Or if you don’t have a patient portal available, give them a call. They won’t mind in the least. Your doctor may take a look at the MRI/MRA and say it’s fine or it’s one of the reasons they want to do the angiogram.

In the meantime, try to remember to breathe, set a time to concentrate on your fears/concerns and then do whatever you can. Keep us posted!