MRI Results- Neuro just called!

Yesterday I saw the neuro that my eye doctor sent me to and the news was not what I expected. I had pretty much talked myself into this miracle massage that they would send me for to take down or stop my swelling. After an exam this neuro sat me down and went through my mri pictures with me. She told me that I have a leak in my head that goes from the top of the head down the side and around my entire eye. She then sat me down and told me that when my surgeon told me that there is a risk that they might have to open my head again that she feels it is what they are going to have to do. She said that the final decission is my neuro surgeon's and that she would be sending her findings and her opinion to him.

When she said those words open my head again I just cried. My daughter was with me so I just laid my head on her and cried. The doctor said it's ok cry!

I came home last night not understanding what had happened and why I have a leak in my head. I sat here and threw myself a little pitty party. I felt sorry for me. I am greatful to be alive, that they found the annie in time, but I thought I was done and it was just recovery.

Now I have to wait to see what my own neuro says and if they do have to open my head again then they have to do it soon. My dog is going to have puppies in about 3 weeks and I am going home in the begining of May. I'm feeling drained!


So my Neuro surgeon just called and told me that they ARE going to have too open my head again. When- some time in Febuary, We have to wait for a date from the hospital I guess.

I asked how much of my head do you have to cut, he said the whole scar!...Yippppe. NOT!

He said that he believes that the leak is actually around the orbit of my eye but will not know till he opens me up again.


I regret that you have that leaking...I am greatful the testing/correction was not delayed...

Kim, I am delighted you had the capacity to reflects other positive things that are functioning.

Far more delight your daughter was there hugging you...

Do you have a puppy sitter, including a great boarding house? How long / distant in your upcoming trip?

Please keep us informed a step at a time...I so hope you get in/out as quickly as possible...all this is only my personal opinion... I am a strong believer that things NOT be delayed...


Oh dear Kimberley, this is not the news you wanted to hear is it? Try to stay positive. I will be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. Caro x

Hey Caro,

I am so glad to hear that you have a date. I felt so bad for you and I honestly think that it has taken too long where your concerned. You are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. I think your the pillar of strength!



Hi Pat,

My puppy sitter will be my in-laws and daughter as for the boarding house ummm that is the type of business I dogs will remain right here in their own home during my stay in the hospital.

My neuro told me this morning that all he can tell me is that it will be some time in Feb. they will call me when they have a date.


Hi Kimberley...

I am right now crying for you...I am so sorry...I am also mad...because these Neuro's keep saying anything after the surgery's that we see is different...initally they say that isn't from their surgery or annie's...what is wrong with medical people...Don't they realize we know our own body better than anyone...

I know none of this helps you...I am sorry...but you know ... you have my prayers Kimberley...and Healing thoughts coming your way...through cyber space...

(((((((((((Hugs for You))))))))))))...! Colleen

awww jaw just dropped to the floor..i am so sorry they are going to have to do that..all of those drs who said it was nothing or side effects from having the prior procedure need to be sued for making you suffer this long,,thank God this dr found the leak..wth,,that would just really upset me and cannot imagine what your going thru..i will keep you in my prayers and ask God to help these drs fix all that is not working like it should and have you come out feeling like a new are strong and whipped this dang anny once and are going to do it again like nobodys prayers are with you and a speedy recovery with a beautiful life ahead..God bless

so sorry but hopfully you will be better after that god be with you linda will be thinking of you


I am so so sorry for what you now have to deal with. You WILL WILL WILL get through this, I have no doubt, but it isn't fair that you have to endure more. I can't imagine how you must be feeling, but I know that you will get through this, and be so glad that you followed up on what you knew was a problem. You are courageous and strong. So many people will be praying for you to have a quick and healthy recovery, and I will be thinking good thoughts towards you from now until you feel better, which you will. I wish I were in Sweden! I'd take you out for tea!

I'm glad that you know what's going on now, even if the information brings much upset, it's better to know than not know.



Well, the best news is that you will have treatment...if you do NOT hear from them; please call and call...The next best is that your busyiness is care for pets...the daughter of a friend owns a pet shop!

We get so close in everything we do or those we know!

You are blessed you have family to back up your pets...

Please, continue to keep us informed...

Hugs...many of them with prayers...



I am sorry to hear they have to open you up again, but at least the problem will be fixed! I know exactly how you felt when they told you they would have to re-open the whole scar that you have been so focused on healing. I too had to have mine reopened due to an infection. I ended up have a total of 4 craniotomies ending with a bone-flap replacement. It will be one year next month since my last surgery and I am doing fine. Once you get past knowing you have to face surgery again, you will accept this as one more step in the battle to get well. Healing thoughts going out to you! You will do great!


Kimberly, I am so, so sorry…my jaw dropped reading the posting. Please think positive thoughts, as much as you can. That is what has helped me during the deep, deep lows. Sprit Lifter is what we need to call ourselves!
Best wishes for any early February date from the hospital. ~~~Judi