Hello Family,

I know that I said I would write more tomorrow well, tomorrow took a few days longer. Sorry!

Here is what my doctor has told me. This in his opinion turned out to be more the plastic surgeon then the neuro surgeon. My neuro said that he saw no sign of leakage but did have to fix a screw that apparently broke, place a few more screws and reposition something. The plastic surgeon however lifted up and sewed my eyelid as well as removing a cm of skin from my forehead because it had streched down so much. I woke up day after looking wonderful with not a bubble in sight :-)

My neuro was so please as was I. I was then given the option to move to the patient hotel which I jumped at. I woke up day 2 very swollen and with one hell of a massive liquid filled bubble under my eye. My neuro is not working this weekend so he has no clue yet. He had said that if I did not get these dang bubbles for 6 months then he thinks he knows what the problem was, if I get them, well he don't know and has no clue what to do after this.

I am on antibiotics for a week, my doctor said he is not taking any chances! I go back to the ward daily to get my antibiotics thru iv injection.

Yesterday I was on the ward during rounds so when the doctor came in and looked at me he just said I was very swollen which is normal. I looked at him and said BULLS***..I told him to be swollen is normal and I expect that but this bubble that I then flicked with my finger and it jiggled like jello, I said is not normal and if it was then I would not be the only one on this floor that looks like this. I then said that I came here 16 months ago for aneurysm clipping not to leave my face on your operation floor. He said he understood why I was upset and he would be too if it were him. He told me to give it a couple of weeks.

Personally I feel that I have given it long enough. I woke up today with not only that liquid filled bubble still there but I also had a huge one above my eye. After a couple of hours the one above has gone down but the one under is still there...

Not giving up hope yet though!! I have gone too far for that!!!

Enjoying the people that I am meeting here at the hotel. I have been a wealth of information for everyone..LOL..I have been here so many times I can tell them what is allowed and what is not..One girl said I have gotten more information from you than I did from the nurses or doctors..I told her maybe I should apply for a job..LOL

This unexpected facelift is cool though! All the wrinkles I had on my forehead seem to have vanished, just a shame he could not continue with say lyposuction in the neck, hips, butt and thighs. Oh well leave that for another time..On second thought I'll just live with it like it is..Hehehe

Thanks for love, thoughts & prayers everyone.

Love ya's


Hey you! I haven't loggen on here in a while, and lo and behold, you just posted 14mins ago! And I'm awake w insomnia, so here I sit.

So the damn bubble, damn. I wonder what your neuro will say - and what the bubble will do over the next few days. I love your spunk, and that you set that doctor straight! I'm glad he was understanding. You've been through it with this, that's for sure.

Keep your spirits up - keep faith. You got through another big procedure, and I do believe that you will move closer to a solution. At least he fixed that screw.

You're in my thoughts so often....

love J

You have a patient hotel? That is so cool. Not so cool that the bubble is there. But, Kimberly, really - the things we go through for a facelift?!

Now being serious, I really, really hope the bubble is just temporary from the surgery and it goes down. Must be so disappointing and frustrating. Other than that, how are you feeling?

Love and prayers to you, too,


Kimbereley...Dammit ... those bubbles...I can't believe this...I am so dang mad...I am glad you told that Doctor what you think...I just don't understand ... he better start talking with other Neuro's to get this issue straightened out...

but, with it all you never lose your sense of humor...I love it about the lyposuction...esp under the neck...me would love that one...hahaha...how about an added boob job...hahahaha...You are a gem...

Love and hugs Colleen


You have been through so much. Words cannot say how much I admire your strength and positive attitude.

Bless you and stay strong. You know you have everyone's support & prayers here.


I ditto Jeanne's thoughts.


Hi Kimberley,

I am truly inspired by the way you handle these set backs. You are one very special lady. I need to read your story again to understand more about the bubbles, though.

My prayers are with you.


Kimberley, I have been thinking of you daily; so wonderful to read this; and, of coruse, you always have your humor...a wonderful strength of yours.

It does seem that you somehow did get screwed in the process. How did one break?

Please do not jiggle that bubble; what can/may happen if it began to leak? No, I do not want you to panic; Yes, I do want you to keep your fingers off it until you see your dcotor. Prayers will be even stronger tonight...asking god to gift the reclining of these bubbles...and, to not burst all your bubbles of love, humor, daily activities, everything that brings you smiles, comfort and warmth.

At worst, (or best?) Colleen recommended re-channeling for a boob job. On the serious side, has your doctor addressed any potential of shunting that fluid, similar to shunting hydrocephalus? The, so same, and yet so different, for the extreme dry eye, some tube can be placed to help fluid delivery to the eye. Ask yur doctor.

The biggest prayer is that your healing will bring the fluid back to your regular control of it. With the upper diminishing, it does seem like the lower one has a good opportunity.

Hugs, wishes and prayer,