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MRA question

Has anyone had an MRA? Are they same as MRI’s? I get so claustrophobic in those. Do you think MRA’a are as accurate as IR angiogram.
As an aside, I keep getting this eye infection and I KNOW it has nothing to do with Blobbo, but I always get nervous.

I had an MRA. It was exactly like the MRI as far as tiny space. I do not think they are quite as accurate as IR angiogram but they are accurate enough for screening and checkups most of the time. They are doing my 3-month post-surgery follow up with an MRA. I think they are starting to realize the cumulative effect of radiation with all the angiograms and IR interventions so want to use MRA whenever possible.

I had one. The only concern for me was kidney damage from the dye they use. Make sure to follow the instructions about being very well hydrated before the procedure, and then drink a lot of water in the day following the exam. You should ask them if they know what your kidney function is before they do the test, and if they aren’t sure, it’s a simple blood test to find out. Not to worry, the risk is low, but worth preventing. It’s great about less radiation, for sure.

As a bigger person, I feel like a stuffed sausage. ( a bit embarrassing) Last time they did an open MRI but they do not have that at this hospital. They said they have a wide berth one they use now, but I will be taking my xanax! I am sure it is unrelated ( I am just a nervous Nellie) but I keep getting an eye infection in the same side as where Blobbo lives.

Since my brain aneurysm was discovered last Sept. I have had an MRA 4 times. I deal with the claustrophobia by having my eyes covered. Every time before the MRA, I have a blood test to check kidney function. Hope all goes well with your procedure. Please keep in touch. I had the coiling/stent procedure in Dec, And everything is going well.

Regarding your eye it might be infection in your body somewhere else. Check your make up cosmetics as well may be old mascara . It’s not connected to aneurysm . You can try to take Oregano oil for 2 weeks to have natural antibiotic . I recommend Gaia Brend…

I have had a lot. There’s no radiation used in MRAs. There is in CTs. Here’s an article

There may be contrast dye, I don’t need that anymore, they can usually see what they need to well enough. I do agree to try to be hydrated before and after the procedure.

I try to relate the sounds to different instruments or trains, fog horns,etc. I’ve been known to take a nap sometimes. Make sure you put your own ear plugs in, you can do a better job then someone else

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