Anxiety about MRA

I have my 1st year MRA scan on Tuesday, after discovering Bloobo a year ago. ( had the procedure done where the snake the thing into your head the first time.) Now, I am sure it is doing nothing, I believe it takes awhile for them to grow. When I had an MRI in 2012 it was not there and then 6 years later it was, so I am sure he is just sunning himself in there. What frightens me the most is their damn machine. I had an open MRI years ago because I did not fit very well into the regular tube and it freaked me out. The MRA machine is not open but it is a wide bore. I am not a skinny gal, pretty beefy, and what if I am squashed? What if I do not fit? The Radiologist said they have had people up 450 pounds on them ( and I am not) but it fills me with dread on top of the overwhelming feeling anyway. I think I need my xanax and a sleep mask. Anyone ever had a situation like this?

I’ve had so many MRAs and MRIs I literally conduct street music with all the sounds. Hopefully your facility will pipe in music. WFBH doesn’t have that ability the last time I went but CVMC does. I’m not skinny anymore. Age, menopause and the lesion around my pituitary gland has helped with putting weight on me. I fit fine. I did see a person who was about a foot taller and couple hundred pounds heavier go into one. So size doesn’t seem to be a factor. If you can master relaxation breathing and do a self guided imagery those skills will help tremendously.

I’m sure you will do fine. There is a drug they can give to folks who don’t like them, check with the doctor ordering the MRI and see what they can provide.