Morning Headaches

Coiling Sept 2018
Stent Sept 2019
Stenting successful however small aneurysm found and they will watch it however I have been having morning headaches. Anyone else experience this?
If so any helpful hints
Thanks in advance :blush:

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Hey Quindaylay! Do the headaches subside after you’ve had some water or caffeine and perhaps eaten? Have you been reducing your caffeine intake? Are you sensitive to light, under any stress, have allergies, have issues with the vertebrae in your neck? There’s a plethora of reasons for headaches as you can tell. Dr. Wolfe, my Neurosurgeon says hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and what have you eaten? ROFLOL I had headaches for a long time after rupture. There are certain areas in my skull that concern her more than others. Her usual questions and that of her staff are hydration and protein.

Hello Quindaylay,

Our experience isn’t quite the same because I have had clipping but often I wake up with headaches which subside once I get up and start my morning routine ( drink water/eat etc). I am starting to believe that these headaches start if I am having a dream or if a noise interrupts my sleep. Is your pain severe?

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yes in the morning time I have headaches more then. I cannot sleep I. also have sleep aspen does. your arms feel numb also?

Hi Moultrob,

Sometimes they headaches do subside but sometimes they do not so I just kind of deal with it. It’s not severe pain but it’s weird because I never had them so often.
But I gonna increase water intake this week and see how that goes. Stress yup got that LOL.

I do drink one cup of coffee a day not every day but I really try to watch what I eat due to
my blood pressure and weight gain since this all started ( that’s a whole thing as well Lol)
Have you experienced that?

I try to walk each day as I am very sedentary with working form home and all.

Thanks for the info

New day more water
Let’s see what happens new with this journey :blush:

Hi Sammy1,

That’s interesting! Thanks for your input.
Maybe it could be dream related. Never thought of that!
I am learning a lot with this :blush:

Hi erodriguez8453,

Yes I do experience numbness as well. I don’t have sleep apnea that I know of though.
The numbness goes from hands to arms.
A very strange feeling. I plan on addressing this with my neurologist and neurosurgeon. I try to not be a complainer but honestly I have not felt like I have been my health self since this all started 2 years ago.
I am being patient since I have been told that the brain takes a long time to heal😊

I used to be very skinny…the USN put me on a diet to gain weight. I gained it but not until 15 or so years later and then didn’t stop. I once apologized to Dr. Q-W for my legs being so fat, she said nope all muscle. I didn’t believe her, thinking she was being kind, until a Doctor was doing a study on body fat and aneurysms. I forget her name but she used an ultrasound machine and couldn’t find any fat in my thighs. I actually apologized for messing up her hypothesis roflol. Guess it’s all in my mid torso😩

When I ruptured, I didn’t lose any weight, not even a pound in 26 days and they had threatened to put a feeding tube in me! Come to find out, I have a pituitary adenoma, cyst or lesion on or near the pituitary gland. It may be the culprit.
Dr, Quintero Wolfe does a special MRA once every five years to keep an eye on it. It’s been ordered for November this year. The positive side is doctors don’t tell me to lose weight anymore, just to be cautious about my diet.

My Licensed dietician/nutritionist cousin told me to eat protein if I wanted to lose weight and don’t skip meals, and of course eat veggies. She also said to drink a glass of water before I eat and to use a smaller plate, not the big dinner plates they sell now. Do the plate thing where your carbs are the least.

I drink a lot more than one cup of coffee a day. Yes, I know it’s probably not good for me. I start my mornings with a cup of hot tea, then 2-3 cups of coffee, then I switch to water. At evening’s end, I drink another cup of hot tea, but decaffeinated. I drink sodas about six times a year if that, I don’t care much for them anymore. I stay away from the Southern sweet tea, it has way too much sugar for my taste as I grew up on sun tea. Unfortunately it doesn’t taste the same here in the South. We read the low fat ingredients because they tend to have more salt in them than the regular and we try to stay away from salt, using herbs for the taste. We discovered that even the products that say low salt, low fat will often times have more salt in them then the regular products. Garlic is a good substitute for us. We are also old enough to know how to cook with ingredients that don’t come out of a can or box, so we can control what we don’t need.

Walk abouts are a necessity for me. I love to walk. When I can’t walk, it effects my psyche. Between the Rheumatologist and the Neurologist, I’m finally on some meds that allow me to walk without excruciating pain. It makes me a happy camper!

Since you’re working from home, try to get up and about every couple of hours or so, and don’t forget the stretches! Also you may want to have your neurologist do some looking at your neck. From experience, cervical vertebrae can cause tingling in the arms as well as headaches. For my neck stretches, I have to support my head putting some pressure on my hand(s). And the PT told me to not pop my neck on purpose as the vertebrae are really bad.

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