Medcaid,social security no one has problems

ok where do i start i’m 51 yrs old have worked mostly two jobs all my life.have always paid my share of taxes.i just moved back to fl from tenn to help my daughter.i got two jobs, one full time and a part time one of course the insurance wasnt going to kick in from either job for another two weeks .so hear i am at my full time job sitting at break tell a coworker my leg and arm are num then i fall off the chair they call 911 and get my daughter she worked same place they air lift me to west palm st marys where they coiled my aneurysm had a shoke,told my family didnt think i would make it.great doctor love him hospital great care.intill i went home,the guy helped my sister at the hospital fill out everything for medcaid,so6 weeks later i went home with a walker no follow up care no meds no medcaid took every penny out of my check book 540.00 first month meds and not the right ones.then the next month cost my sister another 500.00 had to go to a walk in clinic to get meds still nnothing for depression or pain.i cryed and cryed every day i was so depressed and in so much pain .didnt want to stay rehab,i would call medcaid and be on hold for hours then when they picked up they would hang up on you .i dont understand this system we spend billions to help other country and we cant even get aneurysm was jan 22 i still have not received one cent i go from porch to porch lost everything i had .the good usa SORRY IM PISSED AT OUR SYSTEM does anyone have problems with this ?

I hate to tell you this, but it took me 18 months before I was able to get any aid for my husband, and that was just for approval. His aneurysm was January of 2009, we just received our first Social Security check in September. He won’t even be eligible for Medicare until July of next year because there is a waiting period of 6 months, and then you have to be disabled for 2 years to qualify. I can definitely understand your frustration… wish I had some good advice!

Good Morning, Just wanted to let you know we were turned down twice and ended up hiring a lawyer to get my husbands SSD. They normaly work pro-bono - with a free consultation. It would be worth a try to get things moving a little quicker. And your doctors play a big part in this, so stay on top of them. Keep making appointments even if you can’t pay - medicare and medicade is retro I think up to 3 months- Hope this info will help some. I know it’s a tough road. Stay positive - Stay active - Don’t give up you’ll get there. By the way – SSD is retro back to 3years.

thank you i did hire a lawyer.i just cant beleive the way they treat you ,im surprised only two people read the post .i got no help when i left the hospital.thank you linda

thank you jim linda

Linda - I’m new to this site. Sorry to hear you have gotten no help! I’m post SAH 9 months now. The only thing I was told before I left the hospital was to drink lots of fluids, rest, don’t do too much. No driving for at least 1 month and no work for that time frame as well. Dr. also said, “You may look well, and you may sound well, but you’re not well.” I am fortunate that I had purchased supplementary insurance that helped with bills. I looked into soc. sec. and felt very confused and angry. I’ve been back at work, part-time and things are getting better. I have and still struggle w/depression, anxiety, headaches and fatigue. Still working on getting meds right. Money is tight and I feel trapped at times. Hang in there and keep going! At Jim - will check out the patient-resource site. Thanks. I have gotten a lot of emotional support on the website, Behind the Gray. Wonderful people there. I’m glad to have found this site as well, and will get on here as well.

thank you carolyn ,it will get better it cant get any worse.people are great here i was so happy to find the site myself,alot of people dont understand what we are going though,they think it was 8 months ago get over it