Losing taste and smell

Is there any new research on regaining taste/smell after aneurysm clipping surgery? It’s been 8 years for me without taste/smell. Is there any hope it will return?

I am sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with this for so long. I looked at our National Institute of Neurological Disorders and didn’t find anything, so I went to the parent organization, National Institute of Health. I’m not finding any, but I relate that to my using the incorrect wording whilst searching. I usually search here for medical things Loss of taste and smell - National Institutes of Health Search Results

You could try looking at Canada’s here https://www.canada.ca/en/sr/srb.html?q=Loss+of+smell+and+taste&wb-srch-sub=#wb-land

Or the UK’s site Search results | NIHR

Seems there’s a lot of current studies in countries as it relates to COVID-19 hopefully something will be able to transfer over to cerebral aneurysm repairs.

Can you reach out to your surgeon? Perhaps your surgeon or PCP can refer you to a neurologist or ENT? I’ve learned here that Canadians may have to wait a good long time to see a specialist

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Thank you for the link. I will try that👍 The surgeon just simply said, there was damage to that area of the brain.

You’re more than welcome! As we know, it can take years for our brains to reconnect their pathways. I hope you find an answer.

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@Lisat I’m sorry to hear about this.If you search the word Anosmia ( which is the word for loosing smell )and subarachnoid hemorrhage you will find many articles. I haven’t read them myself, here is one link

You can also try Olfactory Dysfunction after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and there are many articles as well. I know that the Mayo Clinic has recommendations how to try to regain the sense of smell after a Covid infection, but that seems to be a different thing from a brain aneurysm , but if it would have happened to me I think I would have tried this method.
Here is one link to the Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic Minute: Hope for COVID-19 patients who've lost their sense of taste, smell - Mayo Clinic News Network

The Mayo Clinic also recommended this website in the article and I noticed that it covers brain injuries as well Brain injury :: AbScent
Let’s hope for magic to happen!

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Wow!! Thank you all so much for the info and links! I will defo check it all out!!! Gives me hope😀

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The last link that was recommended by the Mayo Clinic seems to have a support group as well, I would definitely check this method out if it had happened to me. Also to connect with others and share experience as we do in this group.
Good luck to you in your recovery.

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Fantastic! Thanks so much!

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