Losing hair after Gamma knife?

Hi there!

I had 2 ruptured aneurism on my left side brain and also had AVM on right side.

2 ruptured one coiled right next day on last Jan.

It's been a month that my Gamma knife surgery done and have a question about any of you survivor losing the hair like me.

Every day when I dry my hair, I see lots of hair just falling out from my head and also found 25cent size hair lost spot.

I just wonder that is this normal and stoping soon.

Cheers all you survivors!!!

I've had a crani for my aneurysms and 4 rounds of GK for my AVM. I was initially told that I would NOT lose hair from the GK, but I lost hair after the 1st & 3rd treatments. Now, they ask about hair loss when I go in for my yearly MRI. (The AVM is still active.) The worst was after the 1st treatment. I had a pretty big AVM, so I've had a lot of radiation on it, so I lost a pretty good chunk of hair. I was losing it in the shower, as I was brushing it, and just running fingers through my hair. It took a couple of months for it to stop falling out and start growing back both times that I lost hair. Four years after initial treatment and 1 year after the most recent treatment, it is starting to get back to normal.

Yes...there can/may be massive hair loss...from the radiation...of the angios/CTAS...whatever else..

I did ...but my vision was so bad, I did not "see" it,..until my shower drain clogged...and, I was standing in water up to my ankles... Then, had to have the drain cleared. A friend took me to Home Depot to find another "screen" cover to reduce the volume into the drain...I still use a (blanking on name) liquid intermittently..to keep it clean...

In all my years of knowing of cancer, I thought /imagined...it was the chemo that was causing hair loss. A long-term friend, these past several years, has had cancer care...and, she told me ther docs were explicit in providing data on hair loss...and, from the radiation... But, it is grand, they are being told about it...

I am yet awaiting an aneurysm patient explain to us that their neuro-doc/team were excellent in this type of information...

NO, those I do know and myself, did not have the extreme loss needing wigs/hats... tho some of us have it across a wide area (continued thinning)...others have had a clump out of a specific area...and, some may not have experienced any hair loss...

I hope you will call your neuro-docs and ask about it...and, share your info here for all of us...

thank you for all your replys, it’ been a month that I left message here and now I realize that I don’t lose hairs like before. I’m going to meet the doctor this Thursday, I will let you know.

So I went to the Emory Hospital for 6week check up after GK, Everything look OK and so far so good.

I told him that I was losing hair and he said it's normal and hair will glow back.

He said that my right side body is still weaker then left, but it will getting better.

also he saids that I can do any exercise but not doing too hard like other people does.

So far I don't feel any pain at all.

I wish I can ride my bicycle again this fall.