Is there anybody from Australia on here???Just wondering if anybody knows of any groups or organizations that i could go to if they were close by. im in melbourne. i would like to do some volunteer work if there was anything as i cant seem to find anything,thanks Deb.

Oh Debbie ... we do have some other Aussie's...I wish I could remember their names...click on the members on the Main page...and it will list all of them and where they are from...

Fondly, Colleen

Thanks guys have done that and and messaged a few.Thanks Heaps

love Deb

Hi Debbie, I'm an Aussie. Had my 1st ever CT-A on 8th Aug & received my diagnosis of a 6mm aneurysm on my left carotid artery that Fri. Had my Angiogram in Sept then had it clipped on 26th Oct by the very wonderful Dr Mark Dexter at Westmead Private in Syd. Am just stopping overnight now on my way home to Townsville tomorrow. There is an 'Australian Aneurysm & Stroke Support Group' on Facebook if you are interested. Its only a small group (30 members), I'm not sure how long its been around, I'm guessing its not been around long. This site was one of the first I found during one of my many sleepless nights & the people are lovely. There are some truly inspirational people within this community. I was very hesitant about rushing in for such a serious operation & was madly searching for information. The BAF was a good 1 stop shop. That + of course lots of chats with my Neuro & for the sake of my sanity made me book in asap. I'm very glad I did after being told while I was in ICU how fragile the aneurysm was. I'm glad my sister was in the room to remind me of it later when I was feeling a bit sore & sorry for myself.

Anyway, just thought the Aussie Annie's Facebook site might be a good start for you as there are a couple of people on there from Syd & Melb who might be able to point you to a hospital, Rehab unit, Uni or Dr for more info.

Kindest regards, Mel

hey melanie, thanks so much for your reply, good to know bout face book although i try to stay away from f/b at the moment. i blew out my phone cap by nearly $400 whilst in hospital and rehab by being on that site!!! lol hubby-not happy!! haha no he was ok as he was just happy i was alive.my annie was on my right carotid artery and i still get a bit of the fuzzys sometime do you??? hows your healing going and are you flying home?? are you nervous at all?? hows the memory going?? mines like when im pregnant and i walk into a room and then just stop and say ummmmm.even forgot my daughters bday. its on the 2nd dec but i could have sworn it was the 3rd. would love to know how you are coping. thanks for messaging me back.


Hi again, it's good making contact with others nearly at the same stage - even more so another Aussie. Things seem to work a bit differently over here, not only our health system but the process etc.

I'm having good days & bad days. Feel like such a whinger on the bad days so tend to put myself in time out (which is not much different then any other day I guess except the bedroom door is closed).

I found out about my annie while I was in Syd with my sister - my brother in law was killed in Afghanistan & we found out they ran in our family. My sister was fine but they found mine lurking behind my left eye. My phone bill survived (+ the hospital had free internet) but the old bank balance suffered thanks to a number of flights to/from Syd. I decided to go with Neuro in Syd as I had heard so many wonderful comments + he was a very approachable Dr.

So surgery happened on the 26th Oct, just over 4 1/2hrs in theatre then ICU till late the next day before I was transferred to the ward/to my room. All up I had 10 days in hospital. Was in longer because I spiked a temp so had to go on IV antibiotics for few days.

After discharge I went back to my sisters house which was full - inc her & her 4 children + my parents. I think that is what pushed me over the edge ... my parents.

I was incredibly sore & tired. Yep very forgetful, particularly recent info but more so just searching for words whilst talking. I usually love to read a newspaper &/book but my head hurts if I concentrate too much. My head is still swollen, I can't put my sunglasses on which is going to be annoying considering I live in Nth Qld. I think the other annoying aspect is my emotions. I am just so emotional, cry at anything & everything + I seem to be even more easily irritated over nothing. One of my friends said I was just fragile at the moment. I think my emotions are also an issue because of the whole mortality thing, I just turned 39 so was a real WTF & OMG moment to hear that whilst laying in bed hooked up to all the machines that go beep.

I had my post op appt on Thurs after I had another CT-A. Everything is healing as expected so I was cleared to fly. Apparently still just a bit of fluid lurking around. I'm currently taking 3 doses panadol a day, 3 doses nurofen a day, 1/2 aspro a day, still finishing off my Nexium & I have Endone to take as required for pain relief. It was also suggested to use Bio Oil to help soften the scar. I'm also taking Tamazepan to help get to sleep as I'm getting ringing in my ears. Doesn't tend to bother me during the day, its more at night when everything is quiet.

I flew on Fri from Syd to Bne & was VERY nervous. I fly a lot with work & hate it when I have a cold as I have lost hearing before so I was worried about the pressure during descent but all went well. It felt a bit weird but I think I was probably on enough meds to get me through it. I was originally going to fly direct to Tsv but after being told how fragile the anni was & that it would have ruptured within 12 months I just had this huge need to see friends of mine in Toowoomba so broke the trip up. Even thou the 1st leg went ok I'm still nervous about tomorrow but I'm sure it will go ok. Come tomorrow morning I will be too excited about getting back to my own home that I'll prob forget about the nerves.

I think the other frustrating thing is that apart from having a strip of very short hair without getting up close you can't really see the scar as my curls cover it so I don't look different. I feel different but others can't see that. I don't think my family really understands how tired or sore I've been.

Is your memory the main/only problem? Are you having issues with fatigue &/or pain?

Mel x

Hi mel, i just spent 2 hrs replying to your message telling you that i could have written your message to me and my brother rang and i accidently lost it i think- did you get a 20 page reply at all????


ohhh no, sorry didn't get anything. I've done that before - very frustrating.