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My dad is 62 and had a brain aneurysm rupture on April 3rd. He had a craniotomy to perform the clipping procedure on april 6th and it was successful. He was kept sedated for a few weeks and at first showed no signs of movement on his left side. He was trached and on a ventilator for a few weeks He has been in an acute rehab facility for 2 weeks now. He is off the ventilator but still has a trach collar on. He has been moving his right side alot and his left side some. He looks at me when I’m in the room but since he can’t talk with the trach I have no idea what he is thinking. He doesn’t respond to simple commands like stick out your tongue, blink once for yes, etc. He will sometimes squeeze my hand but not always on command. He seems to have a blank stare directly at the tv. I showed him pictures of family but didn’t get much response either. It is very difficult to see him like this as my whole life he has always been the strongest person to me. I don’t know what to think or what type of outcome to expect. Any help or answers is greatly appreciated!!


As we age this type of surgery is harder to recover from. It will take some time and intense Physical Therapy. That you do get some responses is a good sign. Keep in mind that his brain is busy remapping and reconfiguring itself. A number of years ago I watched a documentary that showed in vivid detail how the neurons were establishing new connections in a stroke patient. It's an image that will never leave me and shows the poer God has given us to survive.

Jodi...My heart breaks for you and dad...this is such a long journey...and everyday there are improvements...but often they are so small...to most around the person who had the surgery...Tell dad you love him and need him...talk to him...he hears...make him fight to hang on to Life...

Sending prayers your way...My dad has early stages of alzheimer...and it is hard to watch...like you...the strongest person I knew...look so helpless...God Speed...Healing Thoughts your way to Dad...Colleen

Prayers to you and your dad...and that you are blessed with the love and support of family/friends...

What have the doctors have advised on his status?

Thank you Colleen. The improvements are definitely small and it is hard to seem him so inactive. I have begin understanding that I just need to stay positive and be thankful that he is still with me. I have faith that he will recover it’s just going to take awhile.

The neurosurgeon said that he is positive dad should make almost a full recovery. Everyday the nurses say he is doing great and still improving. He has started nodding his head yes and moving his fingers to commands more. He even tried to smile a few times. I’ve never dealt with any type of brain recovery so it’s hard to think it can take so long. Thanks for the prayers.

Hi Jodi,

Hope you and your dad are doing well. My mom is 63 and had a brain aneurysm rupture in October. The condition of your dad matches several of my mom's. She was trached too and is now working to wean from the ventilator. Sometimes she can respond to some simple questions/ command but most of the time she just stares. This is week 6 for her since she had the surgery. I know it takes time to recover and everyone's situation is different. I am just wondering how is your dad doing now and maybe get some inspiration. Thanks so much! Happy Holidays~