Looking for a neurosurgeon in Melbourne Australia

Hello everyone
I have diagnosis of brain aneurysm; and I am looking for a neurosurgeon to look after me. I live in Melbourne Australia. May I ask if anyone know any of these neurosurgeons? Have you seen any of them before? What are you views?

They are all in Melbourne Australia.
Jeremy Russell
John McMahon
Carlos Chung
Christopher Thien

Many thanks


I’m in Adelaide. I went to Royal Adelaide hospital and dr Amal Abou Hamden operated on me.
I looked her up and noticed she wrote in a fair few journals and her stats were fantastic as was her bedside manner. She is one of the newer breed of neurosurgeons that’s actually interactive and listener to me intently and we even discussed the upcoming bonjovi concert to which we were both going to.
Her human quality’s was what reassured me.

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