Life after Aneurysm

Hallo good people, am very new here and so is my aneurysm discovery.At only 29 years of age, i suffered from a raptured anerysm just four weeks ago. i feel am too young for this but i thank God am doing amazingly well. Am a Kenyan living in Kenya and i had it clipped right here, My questions could fill up a book but let me start by asking just a few.

1. Is there anyone who suffered from araptured aneurysm and conceived soon after,after how long did you do it and were there any unusual challenges?

2.Any one who went back to school after the surgery and coped with their studies just fine?

3. How soon after the surgery can one resume the gym?

Just want to say I am 38 and "too young for this"as well! I ruptured in the hospital 2 months ago and after some complications (vp shunt and Lp shunt) it is amazing how well I am doing! I had finally gone back for my masters literally the week before it happened made it to one class. I am trying to keep my focus and get back asap before I give up. My first goal is to get back to work (I am a nurse) but aside from my energy levels I am very close to getting back to it all. It is possible. As for conceiving I have heard many happy results as log as you follow your doctors suggestions

Thanks Michelle, i too intend to go back to work and school in January. i will not let this 'anuerysm thing' deter.i shall come back with a great testimony

Hi Thanks Hopkins, am doing really great. its been 6 months and am really trying to live like it never happened, i have managed to resume work, school and above all... am pregnant.

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How are you feeling now ?