Just want to complain

Hello since my surgery one of my roomates is not very nice to me. I have 5 roomates no problems with any other of them. Is it to horrible of me to start disliking him because he dont understand what im going through. I even tried to get him to go on baf so he would understand more but he refuses. So im getting more depressed because his attidude to me any suggestions??

Hi Jeannie,

To begin disliking one of your room mates due to his apparent inability to understand what you're going through is of course one option ...however, considering you have 6 people living under one roof (on a temporary basis I trust)..I think its fair to say that not everyone is going to agree on everything or will understand each others particular ordeals in life, at least not %100 of the time.....ALthough your recent procedure was a major one, don't forget that to many, you still look and act the same as you did before surgery....I think i'd just back away for a time from him, concentrate on you and your healing, and maybe one day your room mate will come to some realizations..then again, maybe he won't. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Take care, Janet

Maybe what happened to you hit a little too close to home for him. Maybe he is just scared that it may happen to him. I don't know...just a thought.....

Concentrate on your healing and good thoughts sent your way!

I think you received some great advice Jeannie...perhaps right now YOU should take care of YOU and don't worry about someone that doesn't understand...especially a roommate...~ Thoughts out to you for a better day ~ Colleen

Thank you all for the responses. Its really hard do because he said he was my best friend.i help him out and encourage him and be there for him always that is what hurts so bad.im so depressed and want to just isolate myself and talk to no one.i cant hardly stand it anymore.i would move iut but can afford it by myself.