Just had Angio done..now waiting to hear!

Hi! I was diagnosed in November with a 7mm annie and just this past Tuesday met with a Neurosurgeon at U of M, Ann Arbor, MI. He scheduled me for an Angio the next day and now I'm waiting to hear from him as far as surgery. He was unable to do the angio himself, but his well respected associate did it. My surgeon seems to lean towards clipping and the dr who performed the angio leans towards the coiling. I believe I will be left with the decision, and both my husband and I favor the clipping. I know there are many risks involved with both, and the thought of opening up my head does scare the crap outta me, but seriously, I cannot live with the nagging thought in the back of my head, wondering if the coils will compress, or they don't stay in place, etc etc. But, this is where I am now, how do you deal with the emotional aspect of all this?? That is what is affecting me the most. I've always been strong, taken care of myself, always in control of my emotions and with this, I'm all over the map!!! I am 43 with a 6 year old son, he is my life and the thought of something going wrong frightens me. I know that no matter which surgery option I choose, there will be risks. I find myself so emotional when I think about it, that I try NOT too. BUT, in the same sense, I know I have to, as I expect to hear from the surgeons office within a week or 2. How do you all cope with the wide array of emotions??? I did actually feel relieved after meeting with him and after having the angio done. I'm ready to have the surgery done and move on..I just need to be able to handle the emotional part.

Also, any comments from those who have had the procedures done is very welcome! I have no issues now, other than the occasional headaches. Sometimes quite strong and other times just annoying. Thanks for letting me ramble!

Hi Kristen, I also had a 7mm anny of the basilar tip artery. I had no choice but a coil as they said it would be to risky to do clipping. With a basilar tip they will only do clipping with a ruture. I go Thrusday for my yearly CTA. I have had my issues with the coiling but the initial surgery was a breeze. There is much more follow up with coiling and yes some do have to repeat surgery because of compaction. I've learned with research that where the aneurysm is such as high volume areas like the basilar tip tend to have much higher compaction rates. I know the decision is hard along with the emotion that comes with it. Just follow your instinks in your decision and let god do the rest. Good luck and know that we have you in our prayers.`