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Having many issues with my eyesight as I have glaucoma I am 51. The pressure behind my eyes was very and I was seeing an ophthalmologist to try to bring the pressure back down as the drops I had been using for three years ,not working. I am loosing my peripheral vision very quickly and because I have floaters and ocular migraines with halo. No pain just can’t see properly flashing light and makes me feel out of this world lay down cover eyes until it subsides. So ophthalmologist sends me for a scan on my brain and visual fields referal for pituitary lesion. On the 20/12/2017 had MRI in morning called back 5hrs later for a second very quick MRI. Scared already. I went to work got phone call from radiologist to pick up scans go to specialist(opthamalogist now on Xmas holidays) told receptionist to read me report as I was 2hrs from home at work and I would decide wether to come home. She said report had been faxed to opthamologist. Come and get scans try to get into see my gp and they will fax her my report. So now I am doing my best to not have an anxiety attack as I have ptsd and anxiety. I get results go to gp it’s 3pm fri 21/12/2017 and I finally get report. Thankfully it’s not Cancer but it is Bilateral MCA anuerysyms in the sylvian fissure region. Doc rang hospital talked to registrar he said at 5mm and 9mm right MCA I should get referal and see the neurosurgeon in the new year. Wow this doesn’t help my anxiety. Finally after a not so great Xmas I see neuro on 04/01/2018 he said I will have two surgeries the first to clip the lager aneurysm and six months later to do the second. My nan died at 54 from a stroke so my risk factor for rupture is high. Am I scared YES and feel I have suddenly lost control and can make no plans. Nuerosurgeon said all of the issues I have been having are related to my glaucoma. But frankly I have been saying to my mum, my best friend and my boss for some time I have not been feeling right in head. Has anyone else felt like this too?

I did not have the same type of aneurysm (mine was on middle cerebral M2), but I have had some of the same things:

This year was my first year to have: ocular migraines, and flashing lights in eyes before I go to bed. I’ve had migraines before, but they really got bad this year.

I am 5 weeks post surgery and still having some lights flashing in my eyes. When they do the contrast for your angiogram, some people see lights and I did. My guess is I was seeing the veins in my eyes light up. It’s really bright like lightning!

I also started having panic attacks after my diagnosis. I had to wait 2 months just to see the surgeon to have a regular office visit. Then I put off my surgery for another couple of months because I was scared and didn’t want to have it. I had to go talk to a counselor, who told me I would feel better once I got everything scheduled.

The neurosurgeons do say that aneurysms have no side effects, but I started reading surgical literature, and read that they do sometimes cause side effects.

I’ve experienced a flashing strobe light effect in my vision since my coiling procedure a year ago. It’s usually triggered by fluorescent lighting, or rooms with high contrast lighting conditions. I had a small stroke during the surgery which caused me to lose the peripheral vision in my right eye. It’s also the cause of the strobe effect.