Just an update

Had my Annie re-coiled last of August. Went for my follow up last Wednesday. All looked good. Don’t have to go back again until January. I’m thinking all is great. I came home from the drs office & decided to go to the nursery & get some flowers. On the way back home I thought I’d go by Home Depot & get some dirt. I made the turn on the road where Home Depot is but stopped to pick up the dry cleaning. I gave the guy my phone number but he couldn’t find my clothes. He asked for my ticket. I couldn’t find it. I went home and dug out every piece of trash. An hour later still no ticket THEN it dawned on me. It was Wednesday and I picked up the dry cleaning on Monday! I think the brain still needs some tweeting. Had to share. Everyone’s laugh for today.

I have these moments too -- thanks for the laugh and for reminding me that it is normal when it happens to me and it is part of the healing process. It gets hard when there is nothing visible on the outside of your body that shows you underwent a major procedure specifically on your brain!

Excellante' Myra!!!-ty for the update! I'm so glad you can laugh about it, remember even old "normals" are forgetful and even if you get upset at yourself -that's ok, laugh it off asap! Our question for you is did you tell the cleaners items were found????ehh??? or did you say someone else picked them up and didn't tell you????--lol. I truly think our memorys will improve if we work hard at it, I did lumosity.com for free trial but when I purchased the full package I was unable to do it cause I can't see left side so they refunded my money, also I do Sudoku and crosswords and just practice during daily activities combining tasks to save steps. I've seen improvements in yrs 3,4 after the SAH, keep on chugglin!~~

Hi Myra,

I really enjoyed your memory story. It made me laugh and smile.

Thank you,


Hahahahahaha... Thanks Myra...you are the best...Glad you don't have to go back until January... ~ Thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Can I say more than "welcome" to the club?


I have always been a glass half full person. Thank God the aneurysms didn’t change that. I was really upset after digging in the trash for an hour but I got over it pretty quick. I appreciate your good thoughts.