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Just a hello


hi, just a hello to get re-aquanted

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Hey back to you Ron! Fall is here in NC but our leaves haven’t hit their peak yet. Pecan trees are loaded. The old folks say it’s a sign of a bad winter.

We love to laugh at the squirrels when they drop a pecan and one of the dogs gets it. Nina waits diligently looking up into the trees. Unfortunately Ohana is allergic to them so we will have them taken down in about a month. Can’t get her to stop going after them. I’m really going to miss the shade.


we are peaking, i wish i could browse a pic over to here?

------oh wow i did it!!! awesome!! i love it! Be patient with the new platform, it will take time to learn, veryone!

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Good for you Ron! I haven’t figured out how to do that yet! We have a beautiful maple that’s in it’s fall glory, the others,not so much… it must be getting water from the septic system lol


hello Moltraub et al, to put up a pic or document clik “upload” then clik browser, that will take you to your files and pics, dont recall next steps but it will be similar to fb or the old system

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