July 24 2022 Welcomes for the week!

@daystom is from Nova Scotia it’s on our bucket list to visit! Raymond collapsed in the Summer of 2021 and they found a small berry aneurysm. He now has to have routine angiograms to follow it. They’ve put him on the wait and watch routine. He is a software engineer, crypto anarchist and loves the beauty of nature in its purest form. I bet he has a lot of that around him!

@javahusker is here in NC. He has too much on his plate and we really need to reach out to him folks. Dan’s wife survived her first rupture and recovering well. Then she had a second rupture. They can’t put in the flow diverter stent until she stops the vasospasms. I’m guessing they have her on triple H therapy. She’s been unresponsive for four days. Dan please start a new topic under General so we can help support you. You might also want to go to https://caregiversupportcommunity.org/. Sometimes we need all the support we can get.

@1984_Grand_Wagoneer is also a caretaker in Arizona, I had to look up Apache Junction today and it’s a rural area with no public transportation. His wife ruptured back in 2010. He is trying to find help to get her on disability. Sonny has learned to work out his frustrations on his Jeep hobby. But really needs some ideas, please help him. He has posted a few times so just search for him using @1984_Grand_Wagoneer

@Cobey is in the NW part of England. Cobey has had an incidental finding if a 9mm aneurysm on the right side. Cobey has to wait for a consultation. Hopefully it will be soon, sometimes folks in the UK have a bit of a wait. We can sure help support home, right!?!

Remember to click on General and then the plus sign. Just give it a title and then type what you wish. If you run into any troubles, please PM me @Moltroub or @ModSupport and one of us will help!