It’s Mother’s Day! 8 May 2022

Time sure does seem to go by faster…Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there, even the ones with children in the animal kingdom!

Big time welcome to the following new members -

@Julie2022 has joined us from California, one of the longest if not the longest State in the Union. She’s had a shunt put in and is still trying to navigate her new life. She not only wants help, but wants to offer it as well! A good fit for our group, right folks? Focus on what you’re able to do and not what you can no longer do!

@Crystal86 is from the State next door, Tennessee! She has an aneurysm on her optic nerve artery and is losing her sight. We are here for you in any way we can offer help, just ask. Hopefully if they can repair the aneurysm, it will take some pressure off.

@Paige2222 from the beautiful State of Oregon has a lot on her plate! Fortunately it sounds as if she has a great support group with her children and husband. Paige had a craniotomy to repair two aneurysms found incidentally. Then the doctor found a third that was ready to rupture. Clipping and 3 months later she’s joined us. To complicate matters she also has to deal with MS… Luckily Paige has a lot of interests which we are positive will help with recovery!

That’s the week folks!

Three things or maybe four-
If I’ve missed someone, please let myself (@Moltroub) or @ModSupport know and I can add you in to the welcomes. I can and do make mistakes…

If you’re joining make sure to look in your junk or spam folder and complete the automated response

For new folks and old, please introduce yourself by starting a new topic under General. Be active so we can give and receive support as that’s what we are all about. Be cautious in responding to old topics as they’re not active and you can start a new topic on the same issue. The old topics will have an apostrophe and the last two numbers of the year.