Issues sitting in a hot tub after annie that was coiled almost a yr ago?

my husband had his annie Nov 8th last fall, we are close to the 1 yr mark and he is doing very well. Thank God for guardian angels, we were blessed. This weekend we went away for the weekend, well deserved alone time..... We had a poolside room and he wanted to sit in the hot tub. We both went in and about 15-20 mins later he looked at me and I knew something was wrong. He said his brain was feeling "funny" I could tell by the look on his face that it was serious and he was very scared. we got out and went back to the room and he laid down and I got him some ice water and cold wash cloth. he immediately got a headache and we did the Tylenol thing. He was better by the next morning but still headache but Tylenol finally seem to help it go away? My question... why would being in a hot tub cause this reaction? Is there other things similar to too much heat ect that causes an effect like this?

I seem to have trouble these days with even slighly overheating. I feel really weird and like I'm going to pass out (one time I did). I dont know what it's about, but I try to avoid anything that might make me overheat now (even a little) and I always get an instant headache with it. there is one particular food store which often feels very warm in there, just about every time I go in I get the headache and leave as soon as I can

Thanks for your reply, I think that it had to do with his body temp raising and maybe too fast in the hot tub. I think will need to keep it in mind for summer time again. But since were from Minnesota we won't have to worry about warm temps for about 6-7 months.

for me at least it seems as though feeling hot just freaks my brain out a bit, I get dizzy, headachey and just feel weird. It sounds like he may be experiencing the same thing. Hopefully others will chime in so we can see if this is common or not?