Is this enough from Neurosurgeon?

My 2mm aneurysm on my Anterior Communicating artery was found accidentally 3 weeks ago. A referral was sent to the only Vascular neurosurgeon in the area. Today I received a call from the assistant who was reading notes the doctor left on my referral. The doctor said my aneurysm is very small…too small to do surgery on. She won’t be able to see me for about eight months!!! In the meantime keep blood pressure down and don’t smoke (obviously). There is no angiogram… Nothing…is this enough to go on, or should I be demanding more? I have read that the MRI can only show so much…


Hi Michelle...

The information you were given is most likely true...because of size of brain aneurysm...according to my neurosurgeon many people walk around with incidental's that have never been found...ok...that being said...I don't like that you got a call from an an assistant and unable to ask questions...I would get my records and take them to a different that will see you and answer your questions, and ease your fears...this is my 2 cents...~ please keep us posted on your next step...~ Colleen

Thanks for your message Colleen, it is reassuring to hear that. Things here in Canada are a bit different than the US, when my family doctor refers me to a neurosurgeon I don’t really have a say in who it will be. Basically I see who I am told to see. Even if I were to take my records, all the neurosurgeons work out of the same hospital…they would just tell me to wait and see who I am supposed to. Also, the one I was referred to is a vascular neurosurgeon, the ONLY vascular neurosurgeon in the province…

Thank you Michelle for explaining the system in Canada...I should look where people are from before answering...that being said...then keep your 8 months appointment...and do as they say about Bp and no smoking...if anything should seem off before seeing the Neurosurgeon (worse headache accompany by vomiting, etc.,) seek medical attention...

Take care of YOU...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Thank you so much Colleen, I truly appreciate your help, insight, and kindness :slight_smile:

I think I responded in your other thread, but I will respond again here. My annie was thought to be roughly 3mm based on the MRI/MRA. The second neurosurgeon (coiling specialist) I consulted sent me for an angiogram. I went from "wait and see or possibly coiling" to "you should see another neurosurgeon to discuss clipping." My annie was actually 5.9mm, bulging out in two places, with a very wide neck that was not appropriate for just coiling but possibly Pipeline.

So, with that said, I would make and keep the appointment in 8 months. My doctor also suggested I not drink alcohol or take Aleve. Personally I would fight for an angiogram. They give a MUCH clearer picture.


Hi Terri,
Yes I believe it was what you told me earlier when I first joined this site that made me question if just an MRI was enough to feel secure for the next 8 months. I agree. I will push for an angiogram. Thank you so much

I have a 2mm on my right posterior communicating artery. I just met with the neurosurgeon today. He said it was up to me, but advised against the angiogram the neurologist ordered. The risks of an angiogram (stroke) and the recovery(10days) are much higher than the chance of it bursting. He said he would not touch it unless it were 5mm. The picture was really clear because it was done on a more advanced MRA machine. I can go back to all normal activities, including heavy weight lifting. It does have to be followed with another MRA in a year. This is my experience and everyone is different, but I hope it helps with your decision making.

Thanks very much Sandi, I really appreciate you sharing this. I am starting to feel better about this thanks to you and other very helpful people on this site.

Hi Michelle: I'm on the watch and wait list as well. I have 1, 2 or 3 aneurysms around 3mm. Docs couldn't even agree on how many! I know how scary it all is at first but most of us just get used to it and go on about living our lives. My only warnings were keep blood pressure under control and don't lift really heavy things. I don't even have to go back for 3 years. I saw 2 docs who weren't the least bit concerned, said it's not uncommon to have small aneurysms. I wish you peace and health and hope the 8 month (really?!?) wait isn't too hard on you. I guess it's very difficult to even treat aneurysms this small.

hi Michele I would not push for an angiogram for a small one, there is a risk factor that outweighs risk of rupture imo, they are the experts and aren't going to do it anyways, most likely, in the mean time take care of yourself!~~~keeping you in thoughts and prayers~~~

Thank you Liam and Ron k. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I did call my neurosurgeon yesterday to see if I should have an angiogram. She said the MRI that I had was actually an MRA, that it gave her a very clear picture if the aneurism and that it was quite small. She also said the risk associated with the angiogram exceeded the risk of my aneurism rupturing. She did not think it was a good idea.
She is the only vascular neurosurgeon in my province so I kind of have to trust what she is saying.
Thanks again

I have had my aneurism's for 8 years, this is the first time they acted concerned that they had grown, the MRA showed one that was 2.8mm, when in fact I had the angio, I had two over 3.5mm, they are going to stent them, mostly because they are growing. So the wait n see is o.k if they are watching them, I had a MRA every year, and this was my third angio.

mine is small , 2mm but on the "turn" of the artery , which makes a HUGE priority too have clipped , this is my 4th annie , and this has developed in 2months , since my ct scan w contrast in jan ...I have "weakened arteries and am now prone too annies , angio every 6 months for the rest of my life ...