Is there a chance of another anerysm?

I was wondering after having one anerysm is there a chance of having another?

It seems Janet that everytime i go see the neuro people they find another aneurysm. so far six in all some of which are tiny.

But listen i think i am just unlucky they have probably been there a long time. There is no reason just because you got one that you might have another. Let the testing find out is the best advice

they said i just had bad luck having the first one…its been a year and ive had 2 mris…and now i just have to go once a year otherwise they aint doing anything

Well the good thing is that you are in the ‘system’ now and they will systematically check for any changes in relation to size etc. Like I said I have six but only three were of a size that gave concern. So I suppose we are all in the same boat. Don’t forget there are loads of folks who have them and don’t know. !!!

Again, Hello and Welcome to BAF Janet...!

They should be doing MRI/MRA's...I was told they are the only way annie's are found on the arteries in the brain...and I am not sure what the chance of finding more than one annie is for people...I have 2...!

Fondly, Colleen

well i only had one at rupture and follow ups showed nothing and my dr told me i have nomore but we can get more from the clipping sight, dont dwell on that.