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Incidentally diagnosed with 2 aneurysms

Sarge (OK, ccw7993) how are you? We’re anxious to hear how your recovery is going.

Seenie from ModSupport

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Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in. I’m a week and 2 days post coiling the first aneurysm (7mm ICA “cave”) and all’s well. I began to have headaches the first few days after and it sorta spooked me. But the docs said I could take Advil and that seemed to work. But I haven’t had a headache in the last two days and I’m thrilled!

I have NOT experienced any dizziness, light-headedness or anything else that I worried about really. I feel like I could go back to work and be fine! But I’ll give it another week like they said.

The next procedure is scheduled for August 5 at 0830 hours. That will be about 7 weeks between procedures. I hope and pray the next one goes as smoothly as this one did! They told me the next one will likely involve a stent because of the odd “heart” shape and wide neck.

Also, they told me about another finding… apparently, I’ve got something called an “infindibulum” behind my left eye. Doc said it’s just a malformation if the vessel and NOT dangerous. I guess he told me just in case I had the radiology scans looked at by someone else. He insisted it was not an aneurysm.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I hope y’all are doing well and healing prayers to anybody struggling.


I’m so happy you’re doing well Sarge! Every Radiologist seems to have their own interpretation, go by what your doc says! Keep up the good, no great recovery!

I thought of you the other day. Had to go to hospital with my better half. A guy in uniform comes up and starts talking like he knows me. I recognize his last name but he’s wearing bars and not chevrons. Finally it dawned on me! He has moved up the ranks in our small county. Then a couple RNs came out. They were all wondering where I’ve been. No one told them I ruptured and wasn’t working anymore. To the angst of others, we started reminiscing on cases we worked together.

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Hi ! Great to hear the first procedure went smooth !

Don’t worry about infudibulum, it’s something that can potentially grow into aneurysm , as I understood, but not necessarily , i have it also ( besides aneurysm ) , my doctor said they never rupture .


My second procedure was delayed. My doc travels a lot and they said a scheduling conflict came up. The new date is 8/13. I’m pretty frustrated, seeing as I scheduled it the first day I was home from the first procedure. Nothing I can do I guess, just venting now.

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Neurosurgeons are super busy , and it’s common to have changes with them , may be something very important came up on that day , for example my angiogram was last minute ( day before) rescheduled because doctor was called Urgently to do brain surgery , my case had no rush it was diagnostic .

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Its late nite.I was up worrying when should be sleeping.Iam so glad you got through your first surgery.And next one coming up in Aug.Will send good wishes.Sounds like you have a great doctor.One thing I found with my surgery is take sometime to rest.And thank you for your service.
I know must be hard always being the strong one.But Iam so grateful, for saving so many people in your everyday work.Hope you do as well as first one you had done.

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I usually get rescheduled for most everything with my Neurosurgeon…even doctors need vacations. I’m usually delayed on procedures, I don’t mind and she knows it. The way I look at it, I bumped someone out of line when I ruptured, so it’s just “passing it forward”. One time it was a five year old boy that had to have emergency brain surgery and they kept me on the table until she came in. The team knows I’m good with it, especially if they play music I like roflol


Good luck on your procedure on Aug 13 !

Thank you for posting your situation. It is very helpful for those of us who have also experienced incidental findings and have not already ruptured like many on this site and even in articles you read when you consult Dr. Google.

I hope you had another smooth procedure today. I am scheduled for my coiling procedure next Wednesday for a 4-5mm aneurysm found on my ICA near my ophthalmic segment. I am only 29 and this was found during an MRA to be sure my pulsatile tinnitus was not being caused by narrowing arteries and has definitely shaken me to my core. I am set to get married in October of next year and am hoping to be ready to tackle all the wedding planning and bliss following my procedure. Just wanted to come on here and personally thank you for keeping us updated with your experience. It has helped to better prepare me for my procedure next week. Speedy healing!


@ccw7993 - hope everything went well. We are thinking about you and hope to hear from you soon! Take it easy.

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@mallain9 - Welcome! I recently had my 4x6 annie located on my left opthalmic artery region, treated with the flow diverter back on July 17th. Procedure went well and doctors were happy (their words). I feel great, as of now I am not experiencing any headaches or vision issues. I expect you will do well and wish you a fast & healthy recovery.


Hello, ya’ll. I’m home from the hospital now. This second procedure has been a little bit more difficult. This headache is no joke.

They used a combination of coils and pipeline stints to fix this one. I don’t know if the stints make a huge difference but I don’t remember the coils causing this level headache. I’m continuing on the blood thinners for the next 6 months (at least) until I can get in for another angiogram to look at everything.

*** Some GREAT news to get was that the first aneurysm is “completely obliterated”, his words. ***

All in all, I’ll take a headache over the alternative any damn day. I’m so grateful to my doctors and family and all of you for taking this ride with me. It’s kinda hard to look at a screen right now so I’ll check-in in another week or so with my progress.


You are very welcome! I owe a lot to the folks on this forum for helping ease my nerves. Best of luck to you.

@ccw7993 - glad to know everything went well. I am excited to hear the first annie has been “obliterated”. I’m confident the second annie will resolve as well. Rest up!

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Sarge, be careful and don’t take too many NSAIDs, they will give you secondary headaches. My first Neurologist said no more than twice a week. Stay hydrated, eat protein, maybe drink some Gatorade. But staying hydrated will handle the majority of the headaches. The protein is what your brain needs to heal.

And if I could still dance, I’d be Happy Dancing all the way to TX for you!

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Hi all, just checking in. I’m back at work now and doing fine. No more headaches. Still on Plavix and on course for another angiogram in about 6 months.

I guess I woulda come on here sooner but I just haven’t had much good to say. Mainly, because I don’t want to worry any new patients who are awaiting their own procedures. I’ve dealt with depression for 20 years and take medication daily. It just seems, lately, since the surgeries, it’s been more of a struggle. Just no motivation to do anything. I really don’t have any idea if it’s related to the aneurysms or not so newbies, if you’re reading this, please don’t freak out. It’s manageable and I’m managing. Can anybody relate?


Sorry you’re having a depression issue ccw. Thank goodness you’re getting treatment for it. Have you had your medications reviewed lately? I thought I was doing fine on mine until I mentioned a feeling of walking uphill all the time (mentally, not physically) and my doc sent me for a psych med consult. I didn’t think it would help, but went anyway. One dosage tweak made all the difference! Ask about that, even though it’s another medical appointment and you’re probably sick of seeing doctors. Might be worth it, though.


Your comments could make all the difference for someone who is, yes, freaking out.



It’s difficult - you’re dealing with something that very few people understand unless they’ve been through it themselves. I just keep telling myself when something isn’t going right that this too shall pass. Hey, we’ve cheated death, what more can you ask for? Take care and keep your head up.


Sarge, I’m so happy you’re able to go back to work! Depression often follows brain surgery, unfortunately. So does inability to handle stressors. I agree with Seenie, get your meds evaluated and if you have a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) in your area, they may be a big help.