In Honor of My Wife Lisa

I have been doing competitive barbecuing for about 5 years now. This year I got a sponsor and they made me a Smoker with my logo. Well on they back they were kind enough to put a few ribbons on there for Lisa. She was very touched they thought of her, and she started crying. Now every time I check my temperature I am reminded of my family. I love it. Anyway, I thought share my happy story.


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That's very cool!

Agree with Harlylena, that is cool !

So cool! A friend released one of those lit Chinese lanterns in my honor while I was in the hospital (he was at a big wedding). I was so touched by that!

nice!!!! ty for sharing, im seeing more and more positive stuff on here and I am lovin it!!

Thank you for sharing...this was so nice...~ Colleen