I'm very new to this and I hope this is the place for advice/help...my family cannot feel what I am going through

I was first diagnosed with 2 annies (2mm & 3mm) (what I call them) in 2007; then 1 yr later found out I have 3 (one 2mm-behind right eye- and one each 4.0 & 4.5 mirror annies-one is almost exactly the same place but on the other side of my brain (lucky me). My current neuro Dr. says they are the type with wide openings and cannot be clipped or coiled, that maybe with new technology can help later.My mother had three that ruptured and recovery was ab 15 yrs (she suffered stroke & needed rehab-she died in 2000 from an AVM). I have yearly MRIs to watch for any growth (none yet), but I need a comment from another doc/expert on what they think...can/should I have surgery to repair or wait and wonder when the day will come... I know my faith will get me through this for the rest of my life. Thank you to all for any assistance. Valerie